The scandal/ Lulzim Basha in the service of the incinerators affair

28 Shtator 2021, 14:52, English CNA
The scandal/ Lulzim Basha in the service of the incinerators affair

The incinerator concession affair is one of the most accused in Albania, not only from the media, but also from politics. But while its has been called the corrupt affair of the century, whose profits reach figures of around 500 million euros, what is happening in Albania doesn?t happen in any country in Europe, and perhaps not even in the world.

With his actions, the leader of the opposition, Lulzim Basha, is being placed in the service of one of the most corrupt affairs of the Rama government. A day ago, at the meeting of the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha requested the establishment of a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on the issue of incinerators.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with the opposition holding the government accountable for corruption affairs. On the contrary, it would be good for the country. But, what makes scandalous the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry for incinerators at this moment are some details. First, Lulzim Basha demands a parliamentary inquiry commission, 6 or 7 years after such an affair began. While he has been in parliament since 2013, and until 2019 did nothing about this issue. What did Lulzim Basha do during those years? Why he never asked the investigations of this issue?

Although there are rumors that the opposition has taken too many euros to remain silent about this affair, we aren?t stopping here, but we are telling the facts. And the fact is that the incinerators’ affair is a file, which is already in the hands of justice.

The first lawsuit in the SPAK on incinerator concessions was filed by the Knitting Initiative in June 2020. She requested that the Special Prosecution Office investigate the concessions and the officials involved in it. On the other hand, the Democratic Party itself has filed a lawsuit against incinerators.

Also in relation to this issue, there have been strong denunciations in the media, including CNA.al, and everything has been denounced with facts and official documents. Also, the head of SPAK, Arben Kraja has admitted that investigations are deepening, stating that the file have many documents and many people involved.

Meanwhile, Lulzim Basha now demands the establishment of a Parliamentary Inquiry Commission. It has been circulating in Albanian politics for years an expression:?If you do nothing, set up a Parliamentary Inquiry Commission!”. And at a time when the Commission that Lulzim Basha is looking for, comes to the moment where SPAK is investigating, so the issue has gone to the hands of justice, this move raises strong doubts about the real intentions of the opposition leader.

In principle, the task of a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry is to gather facts and evidence, from persons who may have knowledge of the event, and then to prepare a report.

In the end the report usually contains two opinions, from the majority and the minority. And then this report is sent to the prosecutor. Beyond the fact that time has shown that until today, Parliamentary Inquiry Commissions have had zero value and importance, a question arises: What will send to the prosecution Lulzim Basha, when this case is already under investigation by SPAK? Why does Basha need a Commission of Inquiry, when SPAK is already investigating?

To reveal the facts and evidence that SPAK is investigating? In case Basha really wants to find out the truth about the incinerator concession, he could hold a closed-door hearing with factors and actors, and collect data from the media.

It is enough for a deputy to send a letter to an institution, and with a group of lawyers prepares a file, without the need for a Parliamentary Commission at all. With a properly prepared file, maybe well be arrested a socialist MP, involved in this affair that starts in Albania, ends up in Zimbabwe, and for which it is suspected that other officials of the Socialist Party are also involved./CNA.al


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