31 reasons why I am today with Lulzim Basha?!

18 Shtator 2021, 13:21, English CNA


In a somewhat tense communication of recent days with Lulzim Basha, the minority and interim leader of the Democratic Party, writes me that he would never have wanted to have heard goods word from me or CNA.al.

But this isn?t true. We have said many good words about Lulzim Basha, and we have at last 31 reasons, why we are today with Lulzim Basha. Let start from the time he was a minister:

1. After appointments as Minister of Transport, he built for 2 years the Nation Road. In fact, Basha only conducted the tender, because took soon another task. Although the road was completed very late, it was Luli Basha who built it.

2. Then he became Foreign Minister. Basha signed the agreement on the sea border with Greece, and didn?t forgive a single centimeter of the Albanian sea. But then the pact was annulled by the Constitutional Court. Anyway, Basha protected our national borders.


3. He then took the post of Minister of Interior, where he didn?t commit any fault or crime. He established order and security, and was not the one who killed 4 people on the boulevard.

4. He later became the mayor of Tirana.

How can anyone not be on Basha?s side, when the latter built all that beautiful tram in the capital, which is envied not only in Albania, but by the whole Europe.

5. He joined Albania in NATO, abolished visas with EU countries. Basha did it all, because he was Prime Minister, Minister of Integration, Minister of Finance etc.

6. Others begged him to become chairman of the DP, and he won with his own forces. So there was a fair race, without interference. He also had Sali Berisha against him in this race and in the end he succeeded.

cna news, cna lajme, lajme cna, lajme flash cna, cna.al, cna lajme politike, 7. He convened the National Assembly and elected the new party structures, united the Democratic Party very strongly.

8. In 2015, he won the local elections, after becoming part of the Territorial Reform. After a successful electoral reform, he took over 14 municipalities, as the opposition was the main alternative.

9. How can anyone not support Lulzim Basha, when he sent the Law on Higher Education of Edi Rama to the Constitutional Court, overturning it.

10. He supported the students in their protests, didn?t divide and never betrayed them.

11. How can anyone not support Lulzim Basha, when he participated in the Justice Reform. He promised he would never vote, and so he did it.

12. Is there any reason not to say a good word about Lulzim Basha, who achieved all those successes and victories. He didn?t join the Tent?s protests, he refused to do so.

13. He never made any secret deals with Edi Rama. He never accepted 16 million euros for his family, but strongly opposed Edi Rama, shocking the latter.

14. He never co-governed with Edi Rama, and rejected the alms of the Socialist Party.

15. He never drafted the lists of candidates for MPs in 2017.

On the contrary, he did them in cooperation with the presidency and the National Council of DP.

16. He didn?t remove anyone from the lists of candidates for MPs in 2017. He didn?t close the office, but was transparent with everyone, and his list was spectacular.

17. How can anyone not be with Lulzim Basha, who won the 2017 elections and brought the DP to power.

18. How can anyone not be with Lulzim Basha, when he resigned even though he won. Who doesn?t know, is wrong. He never ?freezes? his status as chairman of the DP.

19. And how can anyone not be with Lulzim Basha, when you remember the battle in the Great Ring. He didn?t betray the inhabitants, he didn?t leave them alone. When the police went to evict them from the houses that would be demolished, Basha intervened and repulsed them.

20. How can anyone not say a kind word and support Lulzim Basha today, when he never betrayed the boys of Kukës, who didn?t dare to protest for the beam on Nation Road . Basha was there, he encouraged them, he protested with them, he was by their side. He forcibly removed his brother-in-law from the offices of the concession company.

21. He has talked so much about incinerators and their corruption. He never took money from them. What is said up and down, are all lies.

22. How can anyone not be today with Lulzim Basha, the man who never burned the mandates of the deputies and remained stoic. He rejected the Americans?request for their burning.

23. He won easily the 2019 local elections, and didn?t accept the US request to boycott them. He is the man who won the local elections, and didn?t resign. He stood there and led the party to the victory.

23. Has set up working groups. He compiled the lists of candidates as the party base wanted.

Ekskluzive/ Zbulohet kur del lista e kandidatëve të PD për deputetë24. Set up vetting commissions in the DP, which he listened to until the end.

25. And who says that Lulzim Basha makes the lists of candidates for deputies himself? Lie. He has never done such things. He put on the list those who deserved it. There are rumors about money he takes from some candidates. But even these are lies.

26. Basha entered the April 25, 2021, election and won. And how could it be otherwise? Who was discussing his victory? He is a leader, whose career has only victories. He has done only good. He has never lost. So it was on April 25th.

27. Others begged him to stay as party chairman, even after this victory. But Basha left resigning.

28. Rejected farce elections in the Democratic Party. This is not part of his character.

29. He never split the Democratic Party. He didn?t expel anyone from the party. Neither did Sali Berisha, who raised him, put him in the party, and made him chairman. Basha resigned, but Berisha kept him with force at the helm of the Democratic Party. Basha has never betrayed anyone. He is a great leader, who has probably not read these goodies we mentioned above.

30. He didn?t increase his wealth by a single penny. He never got villas or cash from the oligarchs. Where is a man more honest than Luli Basha!

31. Basha never lied. How true, how sincere, how fair he is! He is the symbol of truth.

All this need to be read and taught well by those who today curse, criticize, and slander to Luli Basha, who has done so many good things. And we hope that one day he will reflect seriously, put his hand on his heart, and continue to be at the top of the DP.

He has to stay there this is, because with all these goodies, where would we find another chairman like him? So we have to beg him to stay as the Prime Minister of the country, as the mayor of Tirana, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Interior and Minister of Transport.
Let everything be Luli Basha, as he is the best.

Luli is more beautiful and honest than anyone else. Luli is a real man. And what Gazemend Bardhi says up and down, are not true. And what say other critics like Grida Duma, Ervin Salianji, or Agron Gjekmarkaj, along with those who speak and make noise in the parliamentary group, are not real too. Luli Basha is a great leader. And he deserves it all. He and only he is the best. That is why today I am with Luli./ CNA.al

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