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Lulzim Basha’s courtesans

13 Shtator 2021, 08:57, English CNA
Lulzim Basha’s courtesans

Perhaps it is a very appreciative term for many of the people who stand today around Lulzim Basha. The man who has chosen to dismantle the Democratic Party for his own interests and for the interests of the courtesans he holds behind him.

?The Rise and Fall of the Courtesans? is a book published almost two centuries ago in France, sometime in the 1840s. The Parisian life of the time and money are the essence of the novel. Therefore, the fall of Lulzim Basha and his courtiers will be inevitable.

But why can be called courtesans the servile people who surround today Basha? It is about those who remain silent and don?t say a single word, not because Basha expelled the ?father? from the party, but because of the way it was done.

So because the form that Basha uses by turning the DP from a party where free people unite and express their interests voluntarily, defined by rules, in a sect where leads an individual and his courtesans who warm him in bed, when the latter needs to fill his emotional void.

The mission of Lulzim Basha?s courtesans is to honor the one who seeks to relax the mind with money in the service of political corruption, serving a courtyard that is turning from a party into a sect, where courtesans are fighting over who has the most relationship powerful, in order to get as much power as possible.

Many figures in the DP have been killed politically in the same way, accompanied by the silence of others, and Luli Basha?s courtesans will have the same fate. This is the foundation of what can already be called the mission of Lulzim Basha and his courtesans, who are entirely in the service of the ruling king, Edi Rama and his Renaissance.

One can oppose the term courtesan, for many of those who are in the courtyard of SHQUP, a party headquarters turned into an open public house, where most of those still left, should be expelled for immorality, not just political.

Now there is a group that warms Luli Basha?s bed when the latter relaxes, after spending hot days and nights with the all-powerful Prime Minister. And in order to not be too tired, because he cannot cope and emotional weakness is created, he has chosen some of his courtesans to be men as women, some he has chosen women with a male profile.

None of them do anything else, it is just enough to be silent, to warm the bed, and they will not be excluded from the yard of SHQUP, where Basha now leads alone under misery, tired of infidelity, covered by wealth, but with an empty soul that even his courtesans cannot fill.

This is Lulzim Basha, miserable and lonely in his courtyard full of courtesans. A courtesan was once a woman who had romantic or only sexual relations with high-ranking people, ranging from monarchs to other nobles.

In pre-modern times, such as during the time of absolutism or the feudal medieval, but also earlier, all political life and government took place within the royal court, and the people who lived and worked in the royal court had a very important role in the general life of the state.

Since courtesans had intimate relationships with the most powerful people of the time, their role was also very important. Especially among monarchs (Kings or Emperors) the role of courtesans was very large, because they in most cases married for political interests, as well as to preserve the royal bloodline.

As a result, they lived apart from their lawful wives, and filled the emotional void and the need for intimacy and bodily contact with courtesans, making them closer to the king than his own wife./Elvi FUNDO-CNA. al

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