Facts/ How Lulzim Basha is turning the DP into an anti-American party

17 Shtator 2021, 05:50, English CNA
Facts/ How Lulzim Basha is turning the DP into an anti-American party

Democrat leader Lulzim Basha is committing one of ugliest political acts. With one or some of its most disgusting political strategies, the Democratic Party is looking today as an anti-American party.

And this is happening with the political force created in 1990, which hosted Secretary of State James Baker, the political force that has made America and its politics a top priority of its way. The political force that overthrew the communist regime, without any discussion with the help of the US, today is looking like an anti-American party.

So perhaps the most pro-Western party in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, the longest-serving party of post-communist countries, a pro-American political force that hosted US President Bush and led its statesmen to the White House, turns today into the most anti-American party in the country.

But who is responsible for this? The president George W.Bush and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Albania during the rule of the Democratic Party. Now something unimaginable has happened. After Lulzim Basha took over the leadership of the Democratic Party, began debates, conflicts and clashes with the US.

Firstly with the US Ambassador Donald Lu, whose main mission was to promote Justice Reform. Basha?s supporters in the DP and the media, constantly attacked and insulted the ambassador, who was called Chinese, disgusted, or bought by Edi Rama.

The endless attacks on social networks were orchestrated by the call center that is still located at the headquarters of the Democratic Party. The ?war? against the US intensified when Basha started protests under the Tent erected in front of the Prime Minister?s building. Even there, America was accused of not worrying about the situation in Albania.

Then came a forced agreement and the betrayal that Lulzim Basha made to the DP, after a dark pact with Edi Rama. Dirty political games followed the defeat of the 2017 elections. Ambassador Yuri Kim replaced Donald Lu. ?A Chinese man left, a Chinese woman came!” – wrote from the call center at the DP headquarters in attacks commanded by Basha.

He rejected US advice by burning down the mandate of democrats lawmakers. Attacks were launched on senior US official Mathew Palmer, who asked Basha not to boycott the local elections, but he again refused.

A year before the 2021 parliamentary elections, Basha made some maneuvers with Ambassador Kim regarding the agreement on electoral reform. To come to the most irresponsible and anti-American political act in the history of Albania, that had made a leader of a political party.

DP’s members are the most pro-Americans that can exist. The US Embassy recognized the April 25 elections, while Luli Basha said they were an electoral massacre. Berisha was declared non-grata by the US. One week ago, Lulzim Basha declared ?I am expelling him from the parliamentary group, because this requires me US?. With this act he forced the Democrats to react harshly against the US.

This time to save himself. As it is claimed that for several years he cannot get a visa to go to US. He has problems with Russian funding, with his brother-in-law, with his family. And now he ?kills? Berisha, saying that the Americans are to blame:?I?m killing him, but I want to save myself!?.

So he is really responsible for the anti-American spirit within the DP. This is unforgivable and should not happen. It is a wound, which should heal as soon as possible. It should not be allowed to augment. But should be fought swiftly, telling Democrats the great truth.

The Democratic Party is not an anti-American party. The US is not against the DP, but Lulzim Basha is the man who led the Democratic Party into conflict with the US. For the past 8 years he has consistently taken action against US interests, against the interests of the US Embassy in Tirana.

And he has always done so for himself, for his family, for his billions, and for to have a guarantee of cooperation with Edi Rama, to go to a co-government with Rama, as the last political act of Lulzim Basha. Of an anti-American who seeks to escape, governing together with the Renaissance, as a representative of the New Republic./CNA.al

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