Why should Lulzim Basha leave the leadership of the Democratic Party?!

15 Shtator 2021, 10:02, English CNA
Why should Lulzim Basha leave the leadership of the Democratic Party?!

In recent days in the Democratic Party has erupted a debate, a rift, a political situation that has not been experienced in 30 years. Perhaps it can be compared somewhat to the departure of Eduard Selami. But today the things are even worse.

Those who have known the Democratic Party and militated there for decades, realize that there is a great disunity, which doesn?t stem only from the exclusion of Sali Berisha, as some want to interpret it. On the contrary, it is a disruption caused by Lulzim Basha in these 8 years of opposition.

What Basha did with Berisha, is the last act that showed that the current leader of the Democratic Party is an incompetent and looser leader. A collaborator with Edi Rama, who for his personal interests sold also his political ?father?. Should Lulzim Basha leave in order for the DP to start rebuilding?

Or should he stay there, vegetating, or officially moving towards a co-government with Edi Rama in a broad coalition? Or by co-governing in parliament and getting rich, as has happened in these 8 years, as the Democratic Party shrinks even further?

Basha’s decision to oust Berisha is opposed by the Democratic parliamentary group, the presidency and the chairmen of the DP branches.

He has no support in the DP, and seeks to escape by asking everyone to remain silent.

His political suicides are numerous in these 8 years. At first, he boycotted the territorial reform, which had fatal consequences for the local government. He burned the mandates of the deputies, he had a conflict with the US and the EU. He boycotted the local elections, donated on the table 61 municipalities. All in favor of Socialist Party and Edi Rama.

The few people who speak in favor of Basha regarding Berisha?s ouster don’t really know the Democratic Party. Agron Gjekmarkaj has nothing to do with the DP electorate. Nor is a convict for fraud like Fitim Zekthi. Not to mention some anonymous names and marginal media outlets, which protect Basha.

Not only for the fact that he expelled Sali Berisha, but for the betrayal he committed against the young people of Kukës in their protests against the tax for crossing the National Road.

For the betrayal he committed with the Law on Higher Education, for the protests in the Tent in 2017. For the bargain and the agreement with Edi Rama. For the betrayal and the agreement he reached with the SMI before this year?s elections. For the attacks on other opposition parties, during the time he collaborated with Rama.

Should the DP still suffer from his incompetence and betrayal? For his filthy bargains and secret deals with Rama?

For the benefits of millions of euros, for family members or his businesses? It doesn?t matter who comes after him at the head of the DP. This party must open up, make real choices, unite different currents. Basha may remain part of the DP, there is no problem.

But not as a chairman who makes decisions alone, violating every statutory rule, betraying the majority of Democrats, the parliamentary group and anyone else.

And he did this not only with Sali Berisha. But, he has done it dozens and dozens of times. The DP must have a party chairman, but also a leading group that have the trust of the base. The party base should be united, not divided. With Basha at the head of the Democratic Party, is endangered the disappearance of this party from the Albanian political scene.

It must be opened, changed. And with the departure of Lulzim Basha as chairman, she should have the opportunity to grow, to increase in representation, ideas and strategies against the Prime Minister. With Lulzim Basha these will never happen. Basha must leave, in order for the DP to overthrow Edi Rama from power./Elvi FUNDO – CNA.al

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