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File in SPAK for Ilir Meta?/ Who shut the mouth of the President of the Republic

26 Shtator 2021, 15:50, English CNA
File in SPAK for Ilir Meta?/ Who shut the mouth of the President of the Republic

Before the parliamentary elections of April 25, 2021, the President of the Republic Ilir Meta appeared in front of the media as a ?lion?. But apparently after the election ?the lion has become a rabbit?. We have already an Ilir Meta, who accurately plays the role of head of state, and who moreover decreed the ?Rama 3? government.

The President of the Republic declared before the elections that he would not decree Edi Rama as Prime Minister even if he won the elections on April 25, but this din?t happen. Moreover, he has sent a strong message to the opposition.

After Lindita Nikolla was sworn in as Speaker of the Assembly, Meta rushed to congratulate her and called on the opposition to give up the boycott. But why did Ilir Meta changed his behavior? This 180 degree change in his behavior to the ruling majority, raises logical doubts about what may have silenced Ilir Meta.

During 30 years in Albanian politics, Ilir Meta?s career has been accompanied by many scandals. We remember here the 4 persons killed on the boulevard in front of the Prime Minister?s building on January 21, 2011, during a protest against the corrupt affairs of Ilir Meta.

On the other hand, Meta and his wife Monika Kryemadhi, have been paid in 30 years of democracy with the taxes of Albanians in various state positions. And with these salaries they claim to have managed to amass frightening fortunes.

Two individuals, two politicians who have done nothing else in their lives, but were only paid from the taxes of Albanians, as MPs, ministers, prime ministers, Speaker of Parliament and President. Albanians have seen Meta?s violent behavior as Prime Minister.

They later saw him as a deputy Prime Minister caught with a block of affairs in hand demanding a 7 per cent bribe for a tender to the Minister of Economy and Energy. They also saw that despite all their abuses, scandals, corruption and political banditry, Meta and Kryemadhi only climbed the career ladder and filled their pockets with Albanian taxes.

They have seen their luxury villas, how they educate their children abroad by spending hundreds of thousands of euros, at a time when their salaries do not give them this opportunity at all.

The Meta-Kryemadhi file is a test for Justice Reform, and now is the time for this file to pass into the hands of the SPAK. Meta knows all this well, and there are suspicions that his endless scandals in these 30 years have already ?softened? the president, who is seeking to make ?peace?./CNA.al


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