The megascandal/ Incinerator tentacles extended, 30 million euros profits from Water Supply

27 Shtator 2021, 14:46, English CNA
The megascandal/ Incinerator tentacles extended, 30 million euros profits from

The tentacles of the incinerator companies managed by publicly known persons, that had concession contracts worth hundreds of millions of euros from the Albanian government, and which they will take from the taxes of the Albanians, don?t seem to be limited to waste processing.

So when we talk about Mirel Mërtiri, Klodian Zoto and Stela Gugalla, we are not talking only about the 22 million euros of the Elbasan incinerator, a scandal denounced by the media but also from the opposition, which apparently has recently ?swallowed? its language.

Neither for the 28 million euros of the incinerator of Fier, the scandal of burning waste, or the fact that its construction was delayed, nor for the fact that these devices are not performing their duty, becoming a great burden for the institutions of the Albanian state.

Not to mention the Tirana incinerator, a contract worth 128 million euros, where the incinerator does not yet exist, but we have only a landfill used by a private company, to which millions of euros have been added from the waste of Durrës city, and so on.

But now the tentacles of the incinerator company have been extended to the water supply as well. CNA.al has conducted an extended investigation regarding the penetration of Klodian Zoto in the water supply through the installation of an electronic meter system. This story has not started recently, but much earlier.

The story began with the Korça Water Supply. Klodian Zoto and his company, ITS, have installed in Korça a measure device of the amount of consumed water, worth almost 6 million dollars. According to an audit by the Supreme State Audit, this happened in 2014.

The report revealed the irregular procedure in this process, and fined the administrator of the company, Petrit Tare, with almost 10 million Lek. SSA deposited a criminal lawsuit in prosecution, but everything was left in oblivion. Tare was the husband of the judge of the Court of Appeals in Korça, Entela Prifti. So everything remains quiet. And yet Klodian Zoto received 6 million dollars from the taxes of the citizens of Korça, for the installation of electronic measures devices.

In fact its about Chinese devices, which are bought with a value 5-6 times higher than the market. They cost from 110-130 euros each. Meanwhile, ordinary electronic measures devices cost no more than 20-30 euros, having the maximum quality, being tested and with EU standards.

According to data provided by CNA.al, most of these devices used in Korça, have had many problems. Especially because of the low temperature during winter season. After Korça, the project was extended to the Pogradec Water Supply, and then to Fier. The latter was more expensive than in Korça.

In Fier started a pilot project, but then was abandoned. Millions of euros spent in vain by the Water Supply, for devices that after few years are no longer functional. At that time it was said that the Water Supply was run by Salarjon Totaj, the husband of the deputy and socialist minister, Elisa Spiropali.

After Fier, again with a pilot project, the installation of electronic measures devices began in Lushnja costing almost 1.5 million euros. A project that seems to be half over. Even in Elbasan, the Water Supply System has asked a similar system. And the story didn?t end there. The project has recently arrived in Tirana. Tirana Water Supply has conducted several tenders for the installation of electronic measure devices.

Millions of euros for devices, whose value is 6 times higher than of the market, and that in fact doesn?t perform any function. So over 30 million euros for several project that have not yielded results. All the details of the mega scandal will be published in the coming days by CNA.al./ CNA.al

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