The failed IDEA of Fatbardh Kadilli and the “democratic” robbers

29 Shtator 2021, 18:17, English CNA
The failed IDEA of Fatbardh Kadilli and the “democratic” robbers


Fatbardh Kadilli, one of the most failed and problematic figures of the Democratic Party, has been thrown into ?action? as a rival of Lulzim Basha, but also as an alternative against Sali Berisha. The man who was used, misused, and then thrown like a rag in the ?trash? by Lulzim Basha, is already seeking to be an alternative within the opposition.

In fact, it is surprising what an alternative could represent a man who was voted by only by 780 from 42.000 Democrats who voted in the election for the new leader of the DP. Kadilli was once a deputy of the Democratic Party, included in the list by Berisha. He has been an advisor to the latter, along with the group of people that Berisha introduced to the DP in 2005.

Berisha has always been in a dilemma whether he should run for MP. Although he managed to occupy a place in the list in Pogradec, Kadilli could never win that city, even though he had important strongholds of the Democratic Party. In 2013, he joined Lulzim Basha in the race against Sokol Olldashi.

In this way it became part of the manipulative structure and theft of votes within the DP. So if there is one person who has stolen and manipulated an electoral result, the first is Fatbardh Kadilli, who started this in 2013, shamefully serving Berisha and Basha.

Later, Lulzim Basha appointed him Secretary of Human Resources in the Democratic Party. But Kadilli went from failure to failure. Destroyed the DP branch in Lushnja, Berat, Pogradec and so on. Wherever he went he incited conflicts, clashes and dissensions. At that time he was the strongest man on Basha?s side, hitting everyone who spoke against him.

And in case there was a fierce ?war? between the Democrats, it is that of 2013-2017, and everything happened after the protests in the Tent. During that time, Fatbardh Kadilli, Enno Bozdo, Arben Ristani, Grida Duma, Ervin Salianji and some others who are still on the side of Luli Basha today, were ?the most criminal gangs? within the Democratic Party.

They were the people who supported the call center, who insulted and attacked former leaders and people with historic contributions to the DP, with only one goal:?Let them go, let us come!?. These were the young Democrats. So, the second and third level of Berisha?s power yesterday, sought to capture everything in the Democratic Party, to come to government tomorrow.

And this scheme, Fatbardh Kadilli, Enno Bozdo, Arben Ristani, etc., knew very well. These were the ?thieves? of Luli Basha in the Democratic Party. In 2017, Ristani, Kadilli and Bozo reached again an agreement with Basha, although he later threw them in the ?trash?, not running any of them for MP. Basha chose some of his ?courtesans and eunuchs? in the winning places in the list.

Albanians saw with voice and image, how disgusting were Bozdo and Kadilli, when the two former secretaries of the Democratic Party were beaten with a citizen in the street. They couldn?t hold their nerves and couldn?t withstand the psychological burden.

And this shows very much about the weight can carry these figures, who speak and come out with ostensibly IDEA-s, when in fact they are just an instrument misused by Lulzim Basha, yesterday, today and apparently tomorrow. After the protests in the Tent, when increased the voices that demanded that Basha not ?freeze? his status as chairman, but to resign and the Democratic Party to enter an analysis process and then hole internal elections, in the DP were created 3 movements.

A group demanded a race after the resignation. Another group that allegedly demanded statutory changes, and which included Ristani and Kadilli with Bozdo, made the next bargain with Luli Basha, being elected in the Presidency of the Democratic Party. Ivi Kaso, Artan Hoxha and Dritan Shano was also part of this bargain, and high hopes that Luli Basha would make them deputies.

But what happened next was almost banal. They stood in line, with their heads down, in the Presidency, in the Secretariat. They remained silent about everything. They didn?t say a single word when Basha was violating the statute, when the Democratic Party was being destroyed, when people were being expelled, when mandates were being criminally burned, on the DP clash with the US, on the betrayal of people protesting against the tariff imposed on Nation Road, when the DP was selling mandates of deputies, or imposing fines on business, or about the dizzying enrichment of Lulzim Basha?s brother-in-law, etc.

And now they are coming up with ideas, exactly those who in fact have no idea. They have in mind only the next bazaar, and pretend to be the third alternative within the DP. The movement of Kadilli and some other figures, is very similar to a tragic-comic event.

A real event when a candidate for deputy who didn?t find in his polling station nor his vote. He ran for a small party and counted at least 4 votes for it, after he himself, his wife, mother and daughter had voted. Meanwhile, during the counting, only two votes were cast for him. So two people had not voted for him.

It then turned out that the candidate had voted against himself, or one of his family members hadn?t voted for him. Well, if you take Fatbardh Kadilli, Enno Bozdo, Arben Ristani, Artan Hoxha, Dritan Shano, Ivi Kaso and some others who try to pretend to be the ?IDEA?, or the alternative of the DP, and collect their votes, together with family, the result will be minus.

These little ?thieves? of the party, who do everything to use it for their own interests, were abused by Luli Basha, were thrown in the bin, and now want to get back in the game.

They aim to become an alternative or faction within the DP, as a chance to bargain tomorrow, either with Basha or Rama. So as a further crack of the Democratic Party. But, more than Democratic Party contributors, they are its temporary facades, and they are of no value to anyone.

They will remain some unvoted, worthless and unsupported thieves. Even though they claim to be someone and have political support, in the end they are nobody, because no one votes for them, no one supports them and no one loves them./CNA.al


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