Lulzim Basha has gone, the problem is what will happen to Berisha

1 Tetor 2021, 15:09, English CNA

In all media and political circles, but also by many citizens, who are interested in the politics of the day, the question is:what will happen to the Democratic Party? What is her future? Many people ask whether Sali Berisha will return to the helm of the Democratic Party, or what will happen to Lulzim Basha?

If Basha leaves, what is the alternative? How much has the DP been damaged by this debate and this clash? What are the costs? Let us try to analyze and find some short and exhaustive answers to everything that is being asked. First it is an indisputable fact that the cost caused by this clash in the DP is very high.

The entire DP electorate is against its chairman, Lulzim Basha, who has been left alone in his office with some main supporters, who are in fact trying to play a two-gate game. Some communicate secretly with Berisha.


So Basha seems to be alone and the people who support him like Alfred Rushaj, Grida Duma or Gazment Bardhi are figures without support in the basic structures of the party. In the last elections they did not collect votes. The first cost lies in the fact that the party is against the chairman.

The second cost has to do with the fact that the DP is no longer united, but is more divided than ever before. Thirdly, the Democratic Party has fewer votes. If polls were conducted or elections were to be held soon, the DP would probably get half of the votes it received in the April 25, 2021, elections.

But what will happen next ?! In fact, the problem is Sali Berisha, and no longer Lulzim Basha. Basha has already been ousted as leader, as he is against the party. No matter how hard he tries to keep the leadership of the Democratic Party with games, lies, actions, refusing to know the party structures, trying to go to the US, get his visa back.

But even if in rallies he has the support of the US ambassador, Lulzim Basha is already a fallen leader, as he is a chairman with the opposition party. Basha has lied to the Democrats in these 8 years, without talking about the lie he told the US embassy that ?I have the whole party under control?.

In fact, it seems clear that he has nothing under control, and everyone is against him. Basha has fallen and will leave the DP very soon. Many people think he is not going to resign. But, even if he doesn?t resign, within December of this year he will be dismissed by the National Assembly of the Democratic Party.

And in case he does not recognize the decision of the latter, there will be a clash, which will force him to leave, as he will be left with only 3-4 deputies, and the Democratic Party will no longer have any value in the case that a chairman stands violently at its head.

The essence of the problem is Berisha. What will happen to Berisha? The US Embassy is no longer worried about Basha, but has Sali Berisha as a problem. After he was declared non grata, a political movement started in DP, that opposes not to the US decision, but Basha?s decision to expel Berisha from the parliamentary group.

Berisha has started a tour at the base of DP. People are asking him to return to the helm of the party. What happens to internationals, when they demand a certain political action, when it is not implemented, and when the majority of citizens are against? This means that they have a problem.

They also have problems with their country. So with their top official. Therefore, for the officials of the US Embassy in Tirana, the problem is Berisha. Berisha didn?t say that he will return to the helm of the Democratic Party. But he has stated that he will not withdraw until the removal of Lulzim Basha from the party leadership.

So Basha?s departure is non-negotiable. Now the problem of the US Embassy in Tirana is: Will Berisha himself take over the leadership of the DP, or he will elect a third person, who may be acceptable, and can unite the currents within the party?

As for Lulzim Basha, he is already a ?political corpse? within the Democratic Party. He can create a new political party, he can try to take some deputies with him. But his story in the Democratic Party seems to be coming to an end. The US embassy also think that Lulzim Basha has closed the cycle, and that Sali Berisha is their real problem.

This is the unknown equation. If Berisha will take over the leadership of the Democratic Party, what will be the consequences? Or Berisha will behave more diplomatically, taking a step back in case Lulzim Basha resigns, and another name will be placed at the head of the DP, whoever he is?

Even a technician to unite the factions, and not lead to a final split of the DP, which would be a disaster for the opposition. On the other hand, for all those who think that US support for Basha will increase, unite the party, support the people and have victory, the mistake is indisputable.

And this is not a prejudice, but a fact. We remember here Eduard Selami, the candidate supported by the US Embassy in the race against Lulzim Basha. Today he is nowhere, he has run away from politics. Or Rudina Hajdari, who had full open support from the US. But in the election he got 600 or 700 votes.

Remember the other new parties or other MPs who were in parliament. They didn?t burn the mandates, but with the support of the USA they entered the parliament and became deputies. None of them is in politics anymore. They are used and removed. Such is the case of Lulzim Basha.

He was used and now will leave. As we mentioned above, the problem for the US remains Sali Berisha. Will he take over the leadership of the DP again, or will he take a step back to accept that someone else will be appointed at the head of this party, a figure who can unite the faction, and that is not an obedient soldier, like Lulzim Basha, until the day he betrayed Berisha?/ CNA.al

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