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SPAK sleeps on the “garbage” and the files of Mirel Mërtiri

19 Tetor 2021, 11:48, English CNA
SPAK sleeps on the “garbage” and the files of Mirel Mërtiri

The portal Hashtag.al, has recently revealed how the very media man, not only in Albania, but even in Africa, Mirel Mërtiri, has been involved in another corruption affair. This time regarding Albpetrol, through Endri Puka, the former director of Koço Kokëdhima in Albpetrol, and the former minister Damian Gjiknuri.

So the name of Mirel Mërtiri appears on the scene again. The person that the media have denounced for scandals from Zimbabwe in Africa to incinerators in Tirana. From the companies of his cohabitant, which with 1 million Lek (1.000 dollars) managed to win concessions worth 22 million euros, to the chain of other companies with representatives Klodian Zoto to the incinerator of Fier and Tirana.

From the water supply systems in Fier, in Korça, to that of Tirana, where millions of dollars have been given for smart meters, which have been bought at a price several times more expensive than the market price.

After 2013 and the coming to power of the Socialist Party, the name of Mirel Mërtiri appears everywhere. It?s appears close to Damian Gjiknuri, close to Lefter Koka. Arben Ahmetaj has been accused somewhere. But, it also appears in different municipalities of Albania.

SPAK has all the files in front of its eyes. There is Mirel Mërtiri, and there is also Klodian Zoto of the incinerators. SPAK can see the latest file published by Hashtag.al, which is alleged to have disappeared from the Albpetrol archive.

He has the file on the corrupt approach of water supply, for which violations have been identified by the Supreme State Audit. In Korça with 6 billion Lek, and further in Fier or up to Tirana. It has also the file of incinerator garbage, on which sleeps every night apparently the head of SPAK Arben Kraja.

The latter sees dreams with urban waste. With those encapsulated in Elbasan, with that assembled incinerator, or with the Fier incinerator, which didn?t work, and the garbage was set on fire. Not to mention the Tirana incinerator that doesn?t exist. Or the landfill of Vlora, again taken from the axis Mirel Mërtiri-Klodian Zoto.

Maybe SPAK prosecutors like to sleep on files covered by garbage, corruption and political scandals, for which Albanians have high hopes that one day they will be uncovered. That will be revealed the truth of the values worth hundreds of millions of euros, paid from their taxes.

There are at least 178 million euros in just 3 incinerators, not to mention other abuses that go maybe over 500 million euros. So these are the files on which SPAK sleeps. These are the urban waste files, the water meter files, the landfill files, and finally the Albpetrol file. Arben Kraja has all these files. SPAK have them. But, apparently they see beautiful dreams sleeping on garbage files./CNA.al

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SPAK fle mbi “plehrat” dhe dosjet e Mirel Mërtirit

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