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Sali Berisha must unveil his project for the revival of the Democratic Party

3 Tetor 2021, 13:20, English CNA
Sali Berisha must unveil his project for the revival of the Democratic Party

It seems that the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has raised a lot of hope in the Democrats, in the DP militants, in the electoral body of this party, which for many years felt like dead. Loss after loss, the DP was already at a crossroads, in a very difficult position after handing over the third term to the Socialists.

The former Prime Minister has already held five meetings, starting in Tirana, Fier, Vlora, Durrës and Shkodra. Meetings that have aroused a lot of enthusiasm among Democrats.

It is very clear that the former Prime Minister and former President is the man who arouses enthusiasm and guarantees a proper project for the Democratic Party. A project, which is needed not only by the Democrats but also by Albania.

The government also needs the opposition to be better. But after these 5 meetings, we are not seeing a clear project. So we are not seeing which are the rules or forms that will produce a Democratic Party different from today.

In all the meetings, the former Prime Minister has introduced ideas, has severely attacked the government, has admitted that the DP has lost the elections, and that Edi Rama has made manipulations. He also said that the chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has failed.

But meeting after meeting we are only seeing rhetoric. Today, the Democrats, the Albanians, maybe even those in power, need to hear and read the DP unification project.

For clear ideas translated into rules by the former Prime Minister, or the idea of ??how to proceed further on the path of unification, reforming the DP through a structure, which would clearly place ?points on i?, ie on how this union will take place.

Or ideas on how will open the Democratic Party, how its people will approach, what the race will be like. How it will be decided to move further tomorrow in the races in front of the opponent. So clear rules, written by a team of professionals.

The DP needs a statute that would unite the values ??of the Democrats, and the contributions of each of them. In order not to happen tomorrow as today, when a chairman comes at the head of the DP, and erases the entire history of the party, bringing with him those he wants.

What does he offer, how will be solved the problems of these 8 years in the opposition. And how will it move towards unification, to offer an alternative and winning program in the next elections.

Now is the time to talk about the Democratic Party project.

The collection of signatures is not enough, and now even Berisha?s public statements are not enough. Democrats and Albanians need to see and read clearly what will be the program, form, path, written rules and agreements, that will bring in a regulated and statutory way a great union of the DP, and what can be called the path of unification, enlargement, opening of the DP and its march towards victory.

But this requires a very clear project and strategy, supported by all. A project for which Berisha actually has support from all parties. All that is left now is to reveal it and bring it to the people. To bring to the Democrats as an alternative for the opposition that Albania lacks./CNA.al

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