The criminal contract/ AEPC, loss of millions of euros with energy exchange

7 Tetor 2021, 15:00, English CNA
The criminal contract/ AEPC, loss of millions of euros with energy exchange

During a press conference a few days ago, Prime Minister Edi Rama warned of an energy crisis that would affect Albania, and the rise in energy prices. But while the head of government warns of a crisis, what is happening in Albanian institutions seems to be a real scandal.

The assets of Albanians are being stolen from the moment that Prime Minister Rama announced an energy crisis, and seeing the stock exchange which is expected to go around 1 megawatt around 220 euros in December. And in such a situation, AECP (Albanian Electric Power Corporation), which is the main producer of energy in the country, all from water sources, today is exporting electricity.

For those who want to understand more simply:Albania is in crisis and buys energy with 200 euros per megawatt, and on the other hand, AECP sells 4.000 Megawatts of electricity per day to a private company. This according to a criminal contract, where the schedules of electricity exchange are not defined, and which was signed by the former director of AECP, Bent Beci, who today is a Socialist Party MP.

The contract was not only signed in AECP, but also received the approval of the Competition Authority. CNA.al has learned that AECP, although aware of the problematic water situation, even though it is aware of a crisis, sells energy abroad.

And this not by collecting income, but through giving an amount of energy, which comes out exactly at the peak of energy demand. So around noon when the demand is highest, this energy is taken by a private company, which returns it after midnight.

And today a private company earns hundreds of thousands of euros a day, and millions of euros a month, while AECP receives only alms. Sources for CNA.al inform that based on this contract, energy has been exchanged until the last days. The contract that CNA.al will publish in the following shows that AECP is committing a criminal act.

Exactly when the country is experiencing an energy crisis. When energy is bought at an expensive price, at the peak time and the highest demand of this energy, AECP takes it out and takes it overnight, when the price is very cheap and when no one needs energy.

CNA.al has conducted an investigation and verified any data, confirmed by senior officials of AECP, from its confidential sources, from the Competition Authority, for a criminal act that is happening day by day, and which leads to several millions of euros in the pockets of a private company, who gives AECP a very small part of its colossal profits./CNA.al


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