The scandal-Rama and Basha “confuse” their roles/ Here is how they are mocking the Albanian citizens

4 Tetor 2021, 11:59, English CNA

Prime Minister Edi Rama appeared yesterday at a press conference, where he warned the Albanians citizens that ?a great energy crisis is coming, and that prices will experience a dizzying increase?.

?This is an extraordinary energy crisis, which has just begun to show its extremely disturbing signs in the major world markets, starting with China and South Korea, America, Great Britain and the space of European Union, and to neighboring countries, such as Italy and Greece.cna lajme politike

The temperature of this crisis is increasing everywhere, now for hours not days, while the decrease of weather temperatures is approaching along with winter, together with the natural increase of the need for heating?- said among others thing Edi Rama.

But in our country seem to be happening strange things. Edi Rama is probably the only Prime Minister in the world, who comes out and warns the citizens of his country that ?the crisis is coming?. In fact, the task of a government is not to warn its citizens that ?a crisis is coming?.

The task of a government is to anticipate the situation, to well-manage resources, finances, etc., in order that this crisis, which Edi Rama says is spreading around the world, does not weigh directly on the citizens. And instead of appearing in the media and scaring Albanians about this crisis, for the head of government it would have been better to take action, because global warming was not invented today.

How is it possible that the Prime Minister appears in front of media, and warns the citizens by telling them that the energy crisis is coming, when in fact this is the task of the opposition.

Or the opposition is very busy with some other work? Because the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has some delicate problems? After the Prime Minister?s conference, Basha came out yesterday in a statement for the media, where he continued with the next show, with some so-called ?points?, which he proposes to Edi Rama.

Why has there been no warning from the opposition so far? Doesn?t she have her own experts in this field? No economists? This is a topic which should in fact be the cause of the opposition, because the country?s public finances are endangered.

If we had an opposition, which really aims to oppose the Rama government, which seeks to protect the interests of the citizens of its country, it should already be on its feet. Basha cannot wait for Edi Rama to appear in the media first and say that the crisis has come, and then the leader of the Democratic Party to ?wake up? after a few hours of sleep and say ?I also have some proposals!?. What we are seeing is not opposition to the government. This is just a show and a facade./CNA.al

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