Why does Basha not talk about the APC-NOA corrupt affair?!

18 Tetor 2021, 17:03, English CNA
Why does Basha not talk about the APC-NOA corrupt affair?!

For a week, CNA.al has denounced a corrupt affair through exclusive documents. A complete dossier, which shows how a state institution, with the status of a monopoly in the market such as the Albanian Power Corporation (APC), has entered into a contract with a private company, providing the latter millions of euros in profits, and on the other hand the cash registers of APC remain more and more empty.

CNA.al has proven how everything started when this institution was headed by Benet Beci, until the signing after almost 2 months of the full contract at the time of the election campaign. And we have rightly used the famous proverb ?The wolf loves the fog?.

So at the time when everyone was focused on the elections, APC signed a contract which included the Competition Authority, but where apparently the clearest was the Energy Regulatory Authority, which stressed that first the interests of the public had to be met, and then launch the energy storage ?games?, which have given millions of euros in profits to a private company.

Not without purpose, CNA.al has not directed the accusation against the private company. So to NOA Energy of businessman Gentian Sula, often accused as a close friend of Olsi Rama, the brother of Prime Minister Edi Rama, for not politicizing this issue.

Although many citizens and whistleblowers have brought facts about Gentian Sula?s connections with Olsi Rama, CNA.al has stayed away from this political accusation. This accusation, these facts and the political connections of the beneficiary company must be made by the opposition.

We as the media have released the file, where we have clearly shown the clientelistic contract. On the other hand, we couldn?t prove that it could have been Olsi Rama or other exponents of politics, those who intervened to sign this contract.

But, what we have clearly shown is that it was Benet Beci, the former head of APC, and then the deputy of the Socialist Party, who within 8 days from the date when he resigned, that has completed all institutional procedures with great speed, to award the favorable contract to NOA Energy.

Although it is in front of a voluminous file, in front of the facts, which don?t want more than 2 or 3 days to be read or verified, the opposition of Lulzim Basha is silent. Basha goes and makes reports to SPAK for Electricity Distribution System Operator, for the current director of APC, for other institutions, but not a word about the APC-NOA affair.

This file could be taken to the SPAK, and within 24 hours the entire dome involved in this affair would have been arrested. This is because the economic damage is proven. At least the first 2 weeks of October, where were purchased almost 20 thousand Megawatts of electricity, and where the price difference on deposit is at least 5 to 7 times.

But Lulzim Basha has chosen to remain silent. And instead of following the media investigations, he went to the SPAK to make rumors that he was allegedly fighting against what Rama called an energy crisis. Basha is looking to hide behind his finger. He is not talking about the big truths, about the abuses in APC.

As he has done with incinerators for almost 5 or 6 years, Basha has sometimes ?kissed? and sometimes attacked their owners, according to the bags of money he received. Or as he did with the oligarchs, whom he first attacks and then takes away their villas.

Or with those who once attacked them and then took their money for their brother-in-law?s affairs. And so on. This is also the case with NOA Energy, and the contract signed with APC. Basha is not talking, showing once again that he is involved in corrupt affairs which are published by the media. Basha remains, because he is the man who has given, if not loudly, in silence, his approval after the messages sent to his personal office or to his family circle. /CNA.al


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