Facts/ Lulzim Basha “killed” himself

8 Tetor 2021, 13:12, English CNA

?Basha ?killed himself? trying to ?kill? Berisha?. This is the statement made yesterday by Dimitris Mavros, director of the well-known survey company MRB, for Euronews Albania. A clear expression that already appears in some facts. Lulzim Basha tried to ?kill? Berisha by hiding in his office.

So, he actually committed a ?suicide?, because with the act he committed, hidden and alone, he couldn?t ?kill? Sali Berisha. Because by gathering the forums, he could have won, he would have ?killed? his predecessor, and he would have been a real leader. But he couldn?t do this act either.cna news, cna lajme, lajme cna, lajme flash cna, cna.al, cna lajme politike,

Alone, closed and with a previously recorded video, Basha announced the ?murder? of Berisha.

Moments later, after leaving the office, it appeared that he had committed ?suicide?. Objections to his decision were strong, and Lulzim Basha was left alone, with some servile officials around, some of whom have not done a single day?s of work, but whose first salary is what Luli Basha gave them.

A very significant fact is that immediately after what Basha called the ?murder? of his spiritual ?father?, he faced the ?hurricane? of the Democrats. For almost one month, Basha hasn?t left his office, he hasn?t any meetings with the Democrats at the base.

He tries to go to press conferences, and then stays locked in the office all the time, and is completely alone. Another fact is that Lulzim Basha tried to ?kill? Sali Berisha. But polls tell us that in the majority Democrats prefers Berisha and not Basha.

The Euronews poll yesterday clearly showed that the vast majority of Democratic Party members were in favor of Sali Berisha. Lulzim Basha was in the minority. The act committed by Luli Basha is called wrong by all democrats. Another fact is The Rostrum. In every city he has visited, Berisha has been enthusiastically received.

The meetings were very well attended and went very well. In Fier, Shkodra, Durres, Tirana, Vlora and Gjirokastra. And now are expected Elbasan, Korça, Dibra and Kukësi. All these meetings have clearly shown the fact that we mentioned at the beginning of this article.

That Lulzim Basha, trying to ?kill? Sali Berisha, ?killed? himself. Now even the ?killed? is trying to stay at the helm of the DP. He is left with only the chair of the leader of the Democratic Party, with which he is strongly connected, and the seal that he no longer holds

in his hand, but has put it in his pocket, and with it comes around the corridors, with the hope and dream that one day this nightmare will end. In fact, Lulzim Basha is simply a victim of himself. He tried to ?kill? Berisha, and in the end ?killed? himself./CNA.al

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