How Erion Veliaj financed Ina Zhupa/ Revealed the scandal of Lulzim Basha’s MP

10 Nëntor 2021, 13:00, English CNA
How Erion Veliaj financed Ina Zhupa/ Revealed the scandal of Lulzim

The scandals with Lulzim Basha?s deputies have no end. Every day a new scandal is produced and reported on them. The next scandal involved the preferred of Lulzim Basha, first as a spokesperson for the Democratic Party, and then as an MP.

Ina Zhupa, today as a disgusting servile of Basha in public, is part of the Assembly and a member of the blue headquarters and under the logo of the DP comes out and threatens those who openly express their opinions.

The scandalous former secretary of Majlinda Bregu, who fired her for incompetence and lies, has threatened the member of the leadership of the Democratic Party, in Saranda, Spiro Vaso.

Putting herself at the service of Luli Basha, supported by the money of her father-in-law, who is a business partner with the people of Prime Minister Edi Rama, including casino partners and the corrupt fuel business, Ina Zhupa with the money coming from power has used the PD logo, to threaten people for personal interests.

There are concrete examples of Ina Zhupa?s connections with the government and the money her family members receive from the government. Referring to these examples, it seems that Ina Zhupa is not the first to threaten personal interests. It has done so even before.

Earlier, today?s deputy of Lulzim Basha, Ina Zhupa, accused and threatened the Municipality of Tirana, for granting some construction permits in the city center. In the capacity of the spokesperson of the Democratic Party, Ina Zhupa, stated that the permit for the construction of the palace near ?Clock Tower of Tirana?, in addition to being a clientelist and urban massacre, was also against the law.

?The palace damages the historical center of Tirana, which is the cultural-historical heritage. But this does not seem to matter to Erion Veliaj?- said Zhupa.

But what happened next? Three months after Zhupa?s denunciation, her husband receives a construction permit from the Municipality of Tirana.

Now Zhupa must clarify whether she made the denunciation to prevent the construction of the palace at the Clock Towers of Tirana, or to obtain a building permit itself. So it seems that Zhupa is used with the threats for her personal interests.

And since it is suspected that the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, has closed her mouth with a building permit for her husband, she has already started to attack the democrats in Saranda who have joined the ?Rostrum? of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

The mistakes and scandals of the deputies of Lulzim Basha, who are coming out every day more and more connected with the government and the oligarchs and with Edi Rama, are making even clearer the situation created recently within the Democratic Party./

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Si e financoi Erion Veliaj-Ina Zhupën/ Zbulohet skandali i deputetes së Bashës

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