Facts/ Vjollca Hoxha, as a partner of incinerator owners

27 Tetor 2021, 10:08, English CNA
Facts/ Vjollca Hoxha, as a partner of incinerator owners

The companies that will earn hundreds of millions of euros from the incinerator concession in Albania, seem to have their own media partners, who are paid for ads and positive articles towards them. One of these media seems to be Top Channel television, which has made reports by serving the incinerators of Fier, Elbasan, Tirana, but also the landfill of Vlora.

There are two companies which clearly show that the shareholder of Top Channel, Vjollca Hoxha, is a partner with the owners of the companies that have taken the concession, the incinerators in Albania.

First, is the company ?EM Capital Group?.

A company founded in Bulgaria, where partners are Mirel Mërtiri, Klodian Zoto and Eva Blushi, the wife of Top Channel director Ben Blushi.

Then this company comes to Albania and buys 51 percent of the shares of Lori Kafe, which bears the trade name Valtelina Kafe, and which ?coincidentally? has the same owners as Top Channel.

CNA.al has published the contract, which talks about the sale price and the manner of liquidation, and where it is written that 51 percent of the shares cost 153 million Lek and 600.000 euros. So a total value of 225 million Lek or 2 million dollars.

As of December 2019, most of the shares of Lori Kafe are owned by the owners of the incinerator concession and Eva Blushi, the wife of Top Channel director Ben Blushi. So, Valtelina Kafe, the company that holds the Lori Kafe brand, Vjollca Hoxha and the children have 49 percent of the shares, while 51 percent of them are owned by ?EM Capital Group?, where the shareholders are Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri of the incinerators.

The second company is ?KudoPay?.

Shareholders in this company are Vjollca Hoxha, Ben Blushi, and Stela Gugallja. The latter is the person who secured the 22 million euro contract of the Elbasan Incinerator concession.

Stela Gugallja is the mother of two children of Mirel Mërtiri, partner of Klodian Zoto and Ben Blushi in the company ?EM Capital Group? based in Bulgaria. According to the document below, on April 12, 2021, QKB registered the company ?KudoPay?.

So now everything is clear. The owners of incinerator companies are partners in other companies, with media owners, but also with former politicians like Ben Blushi. The latter, one of the people once on the side of Prime Minister Edi Rama, but who later attacked him in every way, mentioning even his wife.

CNA.al will bring these facts days after day, to show who is the real Ben Blushi. But, today the fact is that the owner of Top Channel is a partner with the owners of the incinerators, who receive money from the Albanian taxpayers, and with this money they sponsor the media to be ?protected? publicly.

From the mission to uncover the truth and in the interest of the citizens, this is the case when the media turns into advertisers of those who absorb millions of euros, from the pockets of Albanian taxpayers./CNA.al

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