The Ministry of Justice acquits Ben Blushi’s forger notary

25 Tetor 2021, 14:20, English CNA
The Ministry of Justice acquits Ben Blushi’s forger notary

Almost a year and a half ago, CNA.al reported how the notary Violeta Sulkaj had falsified a notary contract concluded between citizens Andon Dhima and Vangjel Zguri with the property buyer Natali Blushi.

It is about a commercial unit in the city of Korça, where CNA.al, making an assessment of the market with experts, reported that its value was about 400.000 euros.

While the contract was signed for the value of only 30.000 euros. Natali Blushi, the daughter of Socialist MP Ben Blushi, had bought that business unit as a gift from her parents. The contract was signed in May 2015, at the time when Natalia was in England. This is also certified according to the TIMS system.

Therefore, the contract drafted by the notary was forged. Natalie himself hadn?t signed it. The notary, Ben Blushi and Andon Dhima are involved in a clash with justice. There was a criminal report, an investigation.

But on the other hand, the Ministry of Justice, which should have done the verification, seems to have clearly tried to acquit the citizen Violeta Sulkaj, who is also the notary who committed the forgery.

Through a suspicious and manipulative process, the Ministry of Justice has not taken any disciplinary measures, in order to save the notary Sulkaj from a possible proceeding that could happen to her, due to the fact that she had signed a contract and made it legal, at the moment when one of the persons had not been present at the notary office.

The notarial contract clearly states that ?before me the notary Violeta Sulkaj, the contract was signed by the citizens Andon Dhima, Natali Blushi??. In fact, one of the parties, Natali Blushi was not in Albania at all. TIMS says it clearly. She was abroad.

Regarding this denunciation made by CNA.al, the Ministry of Justice stated last year that it couldn?t conduct a check for the notary citizen Violeta Sulkaj. This is also due to the Covid pandemic situation. The inspection took place this year, during and after the election campaign.

The final report was signed exactly in June 2021. The inspection was completed and there was no action against the notary who had signed a forged contract. We repeat that Ms.Natali Blushi was not in Albania at the time of signing the contract, meanwhile according to the notary contract she was in her office.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Justice and its inspectors justify that the notary, attached to the copy of the deed of sale, could have provided a statement from the other party involved in this contract, the citizen Vangjel Zguri, who testified that ?the contract was requested by Natali Blushi, when the latter was in Albania, due to the trip outside Albania, and at the moment of signing she was with at the notary office?.

But CNA.al has another document from the citizen Vangjel Zguri, where he states that he doesn?t know at all Natali Blushi. But, this is a document that belongs to the investigation of the prosecution, and neither Violeta Sulkaj, nor the Ministry of Justice, will be able to close a falsification with suspicious allegations and statements, by people who have problems with justice.

Further, in an official document sent to CNA.al, the Ministry of Justice, says that it has not taken disciplinary measures against the notary because 5 years have passed since the disciplinary violation committed by the notary.

So according to the Ministry of Justice, notaries can forge, and if 5 years pass, for them there is no disciplinary measure. This is how the law can define it. But how can stay longer in Office, someone who has been caught in forgery?

CNA.al will bring other documents and facts related to this scandal, which will not be closed. Although this is wanted by Etilda Gjonaj, Ben Blushi, or other justice structures, the prosecution or the courts, that due to pressure, may take a step back.

However, the truth will not stop. The facts are, so the TIMS data, the declaration of assets of Ben Blush, the contract of sale, as well as this final report of the Ministry of Justice, which shamelessly confirms that the notary may have forged the signature./ CNA.al

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