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The scheme is revealed/ How Lulzim Basha wiretaps the DP deputies

24 Tetor 2021, 13:31, English CNA
The scheme is revealed/ How Lulzim Basha wiretaps the DP deputies

Unbelievable, but already confirmed as true. Lulzim Basha wiretap the meetings of the parliamentary group. It registers them without first obtaining the confirmation of the deputies and without their knowledge.

Also, as CNA.al reported earlier, Basha eavesdrops on the meetings taking place in his office. This information has long been circulating in the media. But it seemed somewhat unbelievable, until when on Thursday evening, in the show ?Open? of Eni Vasili, the vice-chairwomen of the Democratic Party, Grida Duma publicly admitted that there were all the recordings made in a close meeting of the leaders of the DP parliamentary group, in what Basha calls the ?small presidency?.

CNA.al has investigated on this issue, and has been able to provide official information on how the wiretapping takes place. In the meeting room there is a complete registration system, which is located in the phonics room. The one who eavesdrops is the microphone used by Lulzim Bash and in two other positions, there are other recorders that record the sound from the environment.

The eavesdropper is recorded on a server computer, and thrown on a CD, to be saved in case it is needed. Not every meeting is archived, as routine meetings are not recorded. But recently, after fierce debates and clashes in the leadership of the parliamentary group and in the ?small presidency? of the Democratic Party, registrations have become routine, due to that Basha wants to know every attitude of the people attending these meetings.

CNA.al was also able to provide information that the recordings and the audio system were prepared not simply and only by the Democratic Party phonist, but responsible for them is Endri Hasa. The latter is the man who has dealt mainly with IT in the Democratic Party.

On the other hand, the family members of Lulzim Basha are also involved in the wiretaps, the same who have built and paid for the main infrastructure for the call centers in the blue headquarters. Publicly confirmed by Grida Duma, but also by CNA.al sources close to the DP, the sound system records, wiretap every conversation that takes place in the meetings.

But Lulzim Basha has also placed an audio recorder in his office, which he controls himself in the moments when he wants or will not record the conversations in the meeting. So it is clear that Basha is already complex, eavesdropping on his people, and this is a fact. Deputies say they don?t know this fact.

But it is the statements of Grida Duma, or the sources provided by CNA.al within the DP group, which confirm that the meetings of the parliamentary group, the group presidency, but also the DP leadership, are all recorded by Lulzim Basha, without the knowledge of the persons participating in this meeting.

CNA.al will bring further details regarding this scandal, which has been denounced, but has already received official confirmation from the vice/chairwomen of the Democratic Party.

On this scandal, there have been also reactions from DP leaders. Former leader of the Democratic Party of Fier, Luan Baçi, MPs, Republican activist in the US, Evi Kokalari, have stated that if Basha commits such an act, it should be verified, and then should be sued in court.

In fact, the verification of this case is almost impossible, because at any moment Lulzim Basha can dismantle the system from the hall, and take it somewhere else, as he often did with the call center in DP, which he opens and closes at the moment he needs. And when he is denounced by the media, he closes it./CNA.al

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