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Over 3 billion Lek end up in the river/ Revealed another scandal of Klodian Zoto

1 Nëntor 2021, 10:49, English CNA
Over 3 billion Lek end up in the river/ Revealed another scandal of Klodian Zoto

The government?s incinerators and Public Private Partnerships for waste incineration are one of the strongest issues, on which the media and the opposition have raised dozens of accusations, calling it a purely corrupt affair. CNA.al has continuously reported with documents that urban waste concessions have suspiciously taken from the state budget tens of millions of euros from Albanian taxes.

Urban waste have become a golden business for Klodian Zoto of the ?Integrated Technology Services? company. Registered in 2010 by Klodian Zoto, ?Integrated Technology Services? is a controversial contracting company, which stands behind the concession contracts for the construction of the incinerator in Elbasan, Fier and Sharra in Tirana.

Without competition, Klodian Zoto, has benefited 178 million euros for the construction of 3 incinerators in Fier, Elbasan and Tirana. But the scandal doesn?t end here. The money was given, but the project didn?t work. One such case occurred with the waste processing plant in the Ishm estuary and specifically in the Godulla area.

In May 2016, the Ministry of Environment entered into a framework agreement with the merger of operators ?Integrated Technology Services?, ?Shijaku? and ?Zenit Ambiente? for the construction of the Shkumbin river estuary treatment plant and the requalification of the coastline, worth 101.2 million Lek.

In a second tender held in March 2017, ?Integrated Technology Services? was announces the winner for the construction of the Ishëm River estuary cleaning plant and the re qualification of the Gotulla coastline, worth 202.6 million Lek. ITS was the only operator with a financial offer in that tender.

The start of works was scheduled for April 6, 2017, and the date of completion of works was scheduled for December 4, 2017. The network of investigative journalists has revealed that the plant built by ITS in Godulla is out of function, and 202 million Lek have ended up in the river.

According to an audit of the Supreme State Audit, the fund for this project has been artificially increased by 8.2 million Lek. ?Due to the artificial increase of the limit fund in the amount of 8.256.000 Lek and the offer submitted by the company ITS sh.pk in the amount of 202.603.181 Lek, results in an economic damage and unfair benefit from the company in the amount of 3.153.288 Lekë with VAT?- says the Supreme State Audit.

It is not only the case of Shkumbin estuary, where the 202 million Lek ITS plant  has failed, so it is out of function. Here is another case. On May 17, 2017, was inaugurated at the Shkumbin River estuary a new floating debris collection and capture plant.

A year later, the barrier built by the company ?Integrated Technology Services?, ITS Sh.pk was destroyed by the river Shkumbin. For the construction of this plant ITS of Klodian Zoto, has received 759.204 euros.

Villa Bashtova plant together with a second barrier at the mouth of the Ishëm River in the Gotulla reservoir near the Adriatic village, the dividing line between the municipalities of Durrës and Laç, were part of a pilot project of the Ministry of Environment that cost 324.9 million Lek or 2.62 million euros. So, there are at least two cases, where 2.62 million euros have ended up in the river or in the pockets of Klodian Zoto, while the processing plants have been destroyed./CNA.al

Mbi 3 miliardë lekë hidhen në lumë/ Zbulohet tjetër skandal i Klodian Zotos 

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