Elbasan Incinerator/ A corrupt and criminal affair

28 Tetor 2021, 11:51, English CNA
Elbasan Incinerator/ A corrupt and criminal affair

For at least 5 years, some media with their investigations and reports, which were later joined by the opposition, have reported one of the biggest corruption and criminal scandals made by an Albanian government, such as the Elbasan incinerator.

A media investigation conducted by BIRN, CNA.al and some other media, which later set out to be silent. Also, surprisingly for a long time remained silent the opposition. At one point, the DP also spoke about this scandal, but not the entire opposition.

Because at the time of giving the incinerator of Elbasan, the Ministry of Environment is headed by the SMI, ie by the former minister Lefter Koka, who later left this party and joined the Socialists. But why is it a corrupt and criminal affair of the government?

There are three main reasons. First are financial capabilities. According to official data, Albtek Energy doesn?t have the necessary financial capacity to implement this project. It is a company established in July 2014, with a capital of only 100.000 Lek (1.000 dollars). Stela Gugallja, the cohabitant of Mirel Mërtiri and the latter himself, in their chain companies don?t seem to have several million euros in their accounts.

We are not claiming that they had 22 million euros, ie 100 percent of the value of the concession, but a certain amount of money should be able in the company they had established, to build the Elbasan incinerator. Meanwhile, they had zero Lek.

This according to the official data of that time, declared in the National Business Center. We go to the second point, experience. When you aim to win a concession contract to build such a facility, worth several tens of millions of euros, you must have some certain experience.

So that you have implemented several similar projects. One, two, three or four such objects. At the time the contract is signed, Albtek Energy contracted an Italian company, and so far some officials in politics and prosecution have used it as an argument in favor of the company.

Then the works were contracted by the company ITS (Integreted Energy Services) of Klodian Zoto, which until then had not dealt with anything other than water meters or optical fiber companies affiliated with Mirel Mërtiri.

The third reason for the scandal is expertise. Who are these persons? Engineers? Technicians? These are also missing. So, none of the 3 criteria required by the law of concessions are met. All points have been violated, and this is a clearly corrupt and criminal affair, the ?tentacles? of which must be revealed by the responsible institutions, and more specifically the SPAK.

So Albtek Energy made a request to the Ministry of Environment, at that time led by the SMI, won a contract, and went to a bank to get a loan. The bank has given her a lot of money, as has blocked this contract in her favor, and so far something seems to have only one breach.

So, the part when they don?t meet the points of the law on concessions. Lack of experience, lack of expertise and financial capacity. But who pays the borrowed money when the company has no financial means? So who pays the loan installment?

Because at the moment you get a loan of millions of euros, as in the case of Albtek Energy of the Elbasan incinerator, you have to start paying the installment, which goes from 500.000 or

700.000 euros per month. And in this case there is another scandal.

Only a few months pass and it is the Albanian government that pays the money to Albtek Energy according to the contract. So, in the case of PPP in Elbasan, we don?t have an investment from a company that has the expertise, experience and financial strength to start an investment.

But the company won a contract when it had zero lek, zero experience, and zero expertise. But why did the Albanian government have to start paying the money? Concession has a principle.

The state or government has no money, and a certain project is implemented by a private company and after a certain time, it is the government that starts and gradually returns to them the money. In the case of the concession contract of Elbasan, there is every evidence, every trace of criminal and corrupt affair./CNA.al

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