Grida Duma, from the murder of Artan Santo, to erotic video scandals

16 Nëntor 2021, 13:06, English CNA

Lulzim Basha MP, Grida Duma is a personage who has been the subject of several scandals during her years in politics. At least 2 sensational events are associated with the name of Grida Duma.

First we remember here Artan Santo, the late former banker, who was killed in the middle of Tirana in 2014. Grida Duma has never spoken in public about the case of Artan Santo, and what she talked on the day of the latter?s assassination with former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri in the latter?s office.

Grida Duma, has been a man close to Artan Santo. Moreover, the two have been seen in each other?s company, and have been photographed together. Duma was known as a close friend of banker Santo, and on the day of his assassination, she was one of the people who sought protection from the state.

Firstly, she went to the headquarters of the Prime Minister, and then stayed for almost 3 hours in the office of the former Minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri. The latter has never made public the fact why that day Grida Duma ?surrendered? to his office.

But we cannot forget the position taken by the former Minister of Interior Saimir Tahiri, who during a TV debate on the show Opinion on TV Klan, addressed Grida saying that she knows very well how he did the job. ?Grida knows very well how I work!?- he said.

It was Tahiri?s statement that reminded Duma through a coded message, the case of Artan Santo. But MP Duma has also remained silent about the erotic video scandal, recorded in the hall of the Albanian Parliament.

We recall here that in February 2018, published an exclusive video where MP Ervin Salianji, exchanged perverse messages with a person with the initials G.D, and who was later identified in the media as Grida Duma. Even for this scandal, Duma has so far remained silent, as she tries to pass in silence any scandal related to its name./

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