The two lies of Luli Basha from the Irfan Hysenbelliu’s turret

14 Nëntor 2021, 10:12, English CNA
The two lies of Luli Basha from the Irfan Hysenbelliu’s turret

In an interview for the journalist who is always a servant of those in power, Robert Rakipllari, and Irfan Hysenbelliu?s media turret, Lulzim Basha made very strong statements.

From the fact that he had won the Municipality of Tirana, because he had removed Sali Berisha from the campaign, to the accusation that the decision to burn the mandates of the deputies was made by the former Prime Minister.

Both of these claims contain some details that show us again who is the temporary man who holds the seal and headquarters of the DP. With the first claim, which is probably unconscious, Lulzim Basha shows that he is a recurring liar, and that now it will be difficult to find someone who will believe in him.

There are dozens or hundreds of public appearances where Basha emphasizes that he is the chairman of the Democratic Party and he makes the decisions. But surprisingly during the interview given to Rakipllari, he said that it was Berisha who had insisted on burning the mandates.

In fact, the truth is that Berisha was the only one who stated in the meeting of the presidency that the burning of mandates is a dead end, and that it could lead to the political disappearance of the DP. So, to what Lulzim Basha actually did.

But at the time, Basha was bragging about his anti-Americanism, telling how he had humiliated US Assistant Secretary of State Matthw Palmer during a phone call between them, when he rejected his request not to burn the mandates of MPs and abandoned parliament.

And he was the one who shouted in fron of the media, that he was the one who had burned the mandates, and that the Prime Minister Edi Rama had been overthrown.

In fact, today we are in 2021, and Rama is ruling in his third term in power, precisely because he faced Lulzim Basha.

Even his claim that he won the elections for the Municipality of Tirana in 2011, because he avoided Berisha?s participation in the campaign, is a lie. The truth is that if Sali Berisha and his political staff had not organized the arrival in Tirana of hundreds of Democrats, who were engaged in the campaigns in their hometowns, Basha would probably have lost by a few thousand margin votes.

This is a fact he cannot deny. The fact is that Basha lost those elections with 11 votes, and it was the recount made by the then head of the CEC, Arben Ristani, the one who gave him the victory Not to mention the coalition led by the Communist Party Hysni Miloshi, who was nominated by Ilir Meta, or the votes of the SMI, which in the capital systematically ranged from 20-25.000, and the alliance with the SMI was made by Sali Berisha, not by Lulzim Basha.

So even here Basha is lying again, and without Sali Berisha in Tirana he would have lost 30.000 margin of votes. Basha can say whatever he wants, but he should know that there are people in the Democratic Party who have memory. That he has had as opponents since the first day he entered that headquarters.

Many of them were also his collaborators, but Basha was never able to create an open and united DP.

But with these deceptions and his behavior, where he lies openly, and shows people the opposite of what has happened in reality, or blackmails and intimidates from the door of the headquarters in front of the cameras, behaving like a strong man, while at night he stays awake from fear, Lulzim Basha shows nothing but that he is already the lost the DP, and now is trying to resist to have a deal or bargain for himself.

But this is a hopeless situation for Lulzim Basha. Because in the end, it seems that he will leave from the party with shame, exactly for these two lies that we mention in this analysis./

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