Lulzim Basha with Chinese slogans/ "One party, one Assembly"

17 Nëntor 2021, 14:39, English CNA
Lulzim Basha with Chinese slogans/ "One party, one Assembly"

In his last struggles to hand over the stamp, after the party has already been taken over by ?Rostrum?, the interim chairman of the Democratic Party for only a few weeks, Lulzim Basha, is trying to make some moves which show that Luli Basha never disappoint.

So it is the same, with the same form, content, without any change. It is Lulzim Basha who ?grits his teeth?, as happened with the building of the National Theater, with the tax of the National Road, with the introduction of Fatmir Xhafaj in the office of the Minister of Interior, where his body would become the main obstacle.

In fact, he turned into the body of a ?political prostitute?, and nothing more than that. Beyond that, Lulzim Basha has started to thicken his voice, just as he threatened to burn the mandates, boycott the elections, that he would burn Albania, and others like that.

Yesterday he raised his voice again in parliament and pretended to be a strong guy. He then called the meeting of the DP Presidency to find another date for the convening of the National Assembly. He didn?t like the date December 11, and set December 18. Because he doesn?t like the date of establishment of the DP, but wants a date to identify with it.

But beyond that, today he has made the next gaffe. Lulzim Basha emphasized that ?We will have one party, and one Assembly?. A slogan like in communist?s China.

Only China has a party and an Assembly. Because now Basha thinks that there will be one party and two Assemblies, or two parties and two Assemblies. In fact the members of the Democratic Party have signed. And not for 4200 or for 5.000 signature, but even for 200 or 300 who have gathered Sali Berisha and the ?Rostrum? in almost 20 meetings, Lulzim Basha should have been there.

And what he needs to understand is exactly that. A leader goes where the people are. And it is not the people who go to the leader. So they are members of the party, militants. But even if they are not the signatures of the people who are part of the Assembly. Even 50 fake signatures.

It is enough that are gathering the members of the Democratic Party, leaders of the structures. 50 plus one or either, it doesn?t matter. It is important that the Democrats gather and Lulzim Basha couldn?t use Chinese slogans against them, but he has to go where Democrats gather.

Because thus choosing the Chinese version ?One party, one Assembly?, will never win and will remain a big loser.

In this way he has lost the elections in the last 8 years and apparently did not understand what he did. He continues to move forward in his political ?madness?. Basha is using Chinese slogans, ?One party, one Assembly?, to gather people when he wants, where he wants and how he wants.

In fact the Democratic Party will convene when the Democrats want it, where the Democrats want it, and as the Democrats want it. And the Chinese slogans, ?One party, one Assembly?, simply and only show the Chineseness of Lulzim Basha./

Lulzim Basha me slogane kineze/ “Një parti, një Kuvend”

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