How to read the bravery of Lulzim Basha

21 Nëntor 2021, 11:05, English CNA
How to read the bravery of Lulzim Basha

In recent days, the still incumbent chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha has appeared brave. With raised tones, with a wild voice, Basha gave the sign on Monday in Parliament, that he had become brave. These are the usual moments when he shouts and screams, wanting to show his strength.

Moreover, this behavior is encouraged by Edi Rama, especially when the latter extends the parliamentary sessions by 48 hours, only to coincide in the same hour with the ?Rostrum? of Sali Berisha?s democrats. But beyond the long speeches in the Parliament, there have been meetings of the Presidency of the Democratic Party, harsh attitudes of Luli Basha, threats with exclusions, meetings of structures, appearances on television at any moment he could.

He is ready to speak even to the most peripheral media, only to be live at the same time with Berisha?s ?Rostrum?, and to hold attitudes, to be tough, to show that he is stoic, unwavering, that the situation is under its control etc.

In fact, this is the media game that is playing Lulzim Basha. He is trying at all costs to show confidence, full authority over the party, and to guarantee public opinion that he has the support of the majority. For this reason, it convenes the meeting of the Presidency, where it has appointed most of the members.

It also calls the meeting with the chairmen of the DP branches, where more than half refuse to participate. He declares victory, always with his repeated figures, that they support him 90, 95 or even 105 percent in the base structures, in the Presidency and the National Council.

But on the other hand he stays all the time in his office alone, consulting only with Gazmend Bardhi. But how do we read this behavior of Lulzim Basha? It is in fact easily readable. Those who have at least one political memory can make a retrospective of events. We remember here the year 2019 when he said:?There will be no local elections.

Confrontation at every polling station. In fact, the elections took place, Basha handed over all the municipalities to Edi Rama, and on Friday he said that he hadn?t regretted on this issue.

He then burned the mandates of the deputies.

He declared that there was no turning back, to leave the system, that Rama has fallen. But again it failed. Those who have more memory, should remember the protests in the Tent in front of the Prime Minister?s building when he told the Democrats:?Go out, break the windows, punch them, revolt everywhere, protests, threats. Three months of protests ended, and he made a deal with Edi Rama, took half of the government, entered the 2017 elections which he lost.

We recall further, the administrative reform which Basha boycotted, the electoral reform, the justice reform, for which he threatened that it would not be approved, etc. So Lulzim Basha at the moment when he gets brave, is finished.

Just then, he starts to raise his voice, threatens, shouts, screams, seeks to be shown as a strong leader, but shows nothing else. And those who want to read it, should remember other events if they want, maybe protests in the New Ring, the National Theater, the causes of the opposition, which Basha abandoned or lost just when he raised his voice in the last moments. As soon as Basha raised his voice and threatened, the cause failed. Also in this case, Basha is lost in everything, and is raising his voice in his latest struggles./

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