Why the truth is not a personal blow to Grida Duma?

19 Nëntor 2021, 09:56, English CNA
Why the truth is not a personal blow to Grida Duma?

For several days, Grida Duma has started issuing personal messages to former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, asking the media not to lynch him. So he is asking the media nearby including Syri.net or his supporting public figures, not to tell the truth about her.

In fact, Syri.net has been cautious. There was only one statement from Evi Kokalari regarding the fact that Grida has destroyed her family. But beyond everything, the main media that has focused on Grida Duma since the first day she took a leading position in the Democratic Party is CNA.al.

And not without purpose. We have focused on the people who came to the DP from the European University of Tirana (EUT), without any political contribution, without any connection with the DP, who took office only because they were servile to Lulzim Basha, and who were causing the destruction of this party by turning it into a liberal and losing party.

It was the sect of Henri Çili that joined the DP, precisely to make possible the occurrence of what Albanians are seeing today, namely the destruction of the DP, as Grida Duma wanted and openly expressed in a meeting of the Presidency of the party. There were over 30 members of the presidency, who heard the statement of Mrs. Duma.

But why does the truth disturb Mrs.Duma? First, Ms.Duma should know that in her case there is no lynching. Why? Because have been told the truths that exist. Maybe she doesn?t like to mention the fact that she has destroyed her family, but Ms.Duma should know that at the moment she is paid by Albanian taxes and is elected and paid by Albanians, her private life has been an object of public interest.

Maybe there is no need to mention it in the media, but her behavior, her actions have a great impact on Albanians citizens. What is the message conveyed by Ms.Duma with her behaviors? Threatening journalists in the studio as well, something he saw very often? What is the message that Grida Duma conveys when she speaks via SMS in a perverted language with the deputy Ervin Salianji in the Parliament?

What is the message conveyed by the Duma in its relationship with Salianji? It is a personal connection, and perhaps no one should be involved, but Parliament has an ethic that should not be violated. On the other hand, what has been said about Ms.Duma? She was simply asked:Is or not in the recent phone calls of the late banker Artan Santo.

What was Ms.Duma?s connection to Santo? She needs to talk about it. After being photographed next to Mr.Santo at a EUT board meeting, for which she didn?t give any explanation. But public opinion needs to know about Ms.Duma?s connection to the famous Albanian banker.

CNA.al has been mentioning this for years, since the tragic event of his murder took place. Why did Ms.Duma surrender to the Prime Minister on the day of the banker?s assassination? And then she was accompanied by the then Deputy Prime Minister Niko Peleshi in the office of the Minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri.

In politics, it matters a lot how one makes a career. How did he do business once, how did he find a partner who sold the same property several times, how was he investigated by the prosecution, etc. like these? These are not lynchings, but the truth that Ms.Duma has to explain to the public.

She cannot hide behind the finger, and complain that they are lynching her. No, no one is lynching her. What has been mentioned publicly are facts and evidence to which the Duma must give a public response, as long as it acknowledges being a public figure.

A politician paid by the taxes of Albanian citizens. Because she entered politics without any merit, without any contribution. She was catapulted only because he had friendship with Hendri Çili or Artan Santo, she became a deputy minister, she took political positions. And wherever she went only lost. She lost in Kavaja, in Rrogozhina, he lost in Durrës when she ran for mayor. She has lost wherever has been.

And now she refuses to even give a simple public answer to these questions. This is just vetting in politics. What Luli Basha wants SPAK to do, is easily done by the media. We will continue to mention these facts, until the day she will tell the truth about these issues, which are of interest to the public.

And in case she cannot afford it, there are only two solutions:Either stay in politics accepting the truths and give explanations for them, or leave politics, and along with her escape to bury these questions which don?t need further answers./CNA.al

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