Why should Ilir Meta be kept away from the “Rostrum”?!

24 Nëntor 2021, 12:05, English CNA

In recent days, there has been an approach with Ilir Meta by the people who have started a battle against Lulzim Basha, or critics of the still incumbent leader of the Democratic Party. The debates of the last days, the attitudes of Monika Kryemadhi, and then of President Meta himself, were enough for the public opinion, the people who want Basha to leave, those who were expelled from the Democratic Party, to have a positive approach to Meta and to give messages of rapprochement.

In fact, there would be a fatal mistake an approach of ?Rostrum?, the action that is happening in the Democratic Party, and the hope that it has raised in public opinion, with Ilir Meta. There may be people who think that without Ilir Meta, the DP will not win the elections. There are also people who think that an opposition coalition with the SMI can go further, and such front is needed to overthrow Rama. The attitudes are different. But today in no way and for no reason, neither ?Rostrum? nor Sali Berisha should to be attached to Ilir Meta. Some people, at least those who defend the theses of Sali Berisha and the ?Rostrum?, are trying to go closer to Meta and use him as another alibi on what Lulzim Basha has done wrong.

Everyone already knows who is Lulzim Basha. A serial loser, a corrupt man, a man who doesn?t keep his word, a man taken hostage, a traitor, etc. So many things that Ilir Meta doesn?t need to say. That?s what the democrats told him. Others have said it before Ilir Meta.

Exactly when Basha was defended by Sali Berisha, for example Topalli, Patozi. Latter Sali Berisha told this thing, and dozens of DP leaders are telling every day. So there is no need for ?Rostrum? and the Democrats, or those who have hope from this political action of Sali Berisha, to see hope in Ilir Meta.

In the eyes of public opinion, Ilir Meta is the most corrupt politician in these 30 years of democracy. Maybe he can get the maximum grade in politics. Because he has done everything to survive, and he has done so in the name of integration, in the name of his pro-European approach, as a socialist, as their traitor, as the center party, etc.

But for the public opinion, Meta is a thief, corrupt, a scandalous politician, and in the last elections the Albanians gave him a deserved answer through the vote. The SMI, the party of buying jobs, or selling political posts, must crumble.

And one of the promises that must make ?Rostrum? should be this:political clientelism should disappear. And if the SMI is a force that wants to raise, it could join the SP or some other force. But cooperation with parties like the SMI cannot be allowed, since unlike other European countries where similar forces focus on the political stability of the country, in Albania the interest is only to get some jobs, to add some votes and mandates of deputies.

And by getting a few more votes, they get more ministerial posts, appoint more directors, make more money, and so on.

Therefore, ?Rostrum? and Sali Berisha himself must be very careful with Ilir Meta, and with the attitude he must maintain towards the SMI. Currently, ?Rostrum? has raised hopes beyond the democrats. People expect to have the right to vote and elect their representatives, and this would lead to the collapse of the system, or the removal of Edi Rama, who is in power for a third term.

On the other hand, Meta doesn?t say anything new. He is mentioning facts and arguments against Lulzim Basha, which the democrats know. The Meta-Basha clash is an approach that helps Prime Minister Rama. The more Ilir Meta attack Lulzim Basha, more points can be increased within the DP, but also within the gray electorate.

Therefore, he must be kept away at all costs. Moreover, there are hundreds or thousands of democrats who have had dissatisfaction in the DP since 2009, when Ilir Meta joined the coalition with the DP. There have been many others, who have criticized the alliance with the SMI even in this year?s elections.

Therefore, every political step, every articulation and attitude must be far from Ilir Meta and against Lulzim Basha. The ?Rostrum? doesn?t need Ilir Meta or his gang. Maybe in the campaign or after the campaign, the opposition front is something else. But today, in order for the Democratic Party to be revived, and to strength the ?Rostrum?, Ilir Meta must be kept as far away as possible./CNA.al

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