Note/ Who are the mercenaries of the Democratic Party, who should be spat in the face

6 Dhjetor 2021, 10:41, English CNA
Note/ Who are the mercenaries of the Democratic Party, who should be spat in the

An MP of Lulzim Basha publicly states that the democrats who follow Sali Berisha?s ?Rostrum? are like the serbs of Aleksander Vucic in Kosovo, who cannot overthrow the marxist Albin Kurti. And this is said by a supposedly conservative, a right-wing self-proclaimed, Kreshnik Çollaku.

Meanwhile, General Secretary of the Democratic Party, Gazment Bardhi states that they signed without knowing anything, because they were drunk people. Lulzim Basha comes out and says that they are the sludge of the DP, the corruption of yesterday?s government.

Luli Basha seems to forget the fact that he was a minister and a mayor, a man who enjoyed for the longest time the power of the democrats. If the DP remained in power for 8 years, in which four with the SMI, Lulzim Basha remained without any contribution, as he came to the DP from the street, and continues to be in power as chairman of this party.

In addition to these are some other charlatans, who have found space on television screens and portals sponsored by the Rama government. A ?sect of media terrorists? who want to wash away their sins by going to churches or mosques, but in fact are nothing but just some paid and mercenaries that deserves to be spit on.

Now is the time for the democrats to take another action. Wherever they see them on the street, they should spit in the faces of such people, who insult and accuse them unjustly. They should spit in the face those who calls them drunken people, and who claims that they didn?t sign for the holding of the National Assembly on December 11, even though 2100 signatures have been publicly advertised so far, and others will continue to be advertised in the coming days.

Democrats should spit in the face those who describes them as serbs. In fact, probably the most valuable and virtuous ?serbs?, are these disgusting individuals, who for a term of deputy are ready to do everything for Lulzim Basha.

Beyond them is Luli Basha himself. The latter should be spit on in his office, while these others wherever the democrats find them. In order to show them how much are worth their faces and words, and that they are the real filth of this disgusting policy.

Those who claim that they want a union of the Democratic Party, those who claim that they want a union of the opposition, those who claim that the union will bring victory and power tomorrow. According to Ervin Salianji, the 5000 delegates who have signed are none, and for Kreshnik Çollaku the delegates are serbs of parallel structures.

They are either all crazy, or don?t know what they are saying to the DP electorate. Imagine what these people could do if they came to power. These faces must really be spit on, endlessly every day in the yard of the Democratic Party, in the streets, wherever they are seen by the democrats, by the albanian citizens.

Because only in this way, they will understand that they are not politicians, but a kind of disgusting thing that no one needs anymore, that should be harvested and shouldn?t be planted anymore. From Agron Gjekmarkaj, Kreshnik Çollaku, Gazmend Bardhi, Salianji, Grida Duma etc.

They deserve nothing more than a spit on their face, to realize that the Democratic Party has real men, and to tell them that they cannot decide on behalf of the democrats. These people are part of a despised sect, who are ready to do everything just to thank Luli Basha for being given a mandate as an MP. But democrats cannot forgive them. They should spit in their faces wherever they see them./

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Shënim-Mercenarët e PD, që duhen përshtyrë në fytyrë

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