Luli Basha’s desperate people go crazy, compare the democrats of the “Rostrum” with Kosovo’s serbs

5 Dhjetor 2021, 16:11, English CNA
Luli Basha’s desperate people go crazy, compare the democrats of the

A status on social networks written by the democratic MP Kreshnik Çollaku on Saturday evening, has revolted thousands of democrats and supporters of the Democratic Party. Çollaku wrote that those who are following the movement at the base of the party of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, who signed for the meeting of the National Assembly on December 11, and who participated in ?Rostrum? are like Kosovo?s serbs, and a parallel structure like the latter in northern Kosovo.

In fact, it is clear that they aren?t parallel structures but the real DP, which has a National Assembly and a statute of its own, and that everything that is happening these weeks is very clear. Due to strong reactions, Kreshnik Çollaku removed that status, denying the making of that scandalous comparison, and claiming that he had mentioned only the parallel structures and nothing else.

Although the truth is different, even the use of this term to members and supporters is very offensive, as there is no parallel structure in the Democratic Party. So, like some other people close to Lulzim Basha, Kreshnik Çollaku tried to deny what he said publicly.

Such reactions show very clearly that the few supporters of Basha are no longer holding their nerves, they are no longer controlling themselves, thus becoming very disgusting for the democrats but also for the public opinion in general.

Gazmentd Bardhi also faced the same situation, when often stated in the media that no one had signed, that there were no signatures for the Assembly of December 11, that the signatures were falsified, etc. But all these are lies.

The fact is that today there are almost 2500 firms verified by members of the National Assembly, therefore Kreshnik Çollaku’s angry reaction did not come without any reason. The reason is that today the branch no.2 of DP in Tirana, which is run by his sister, has stated that about 70 percent of the structure have signed for the holding of the National Assembly on December 11.

Therefore, like Gazment Bardhi, Çollaku tried to denigrate the democrats. For such attacks, they are inspired by Lulzim Basha himself, who has constantly called democrats as scum. In fact, Çollaku seems to be the main ?serb? in the Democratic Party. Because you cannot be a democrat, a conservative and a student of the December 1990 Movement, if you spit on those who have voted for you and given the mandate of deputy.

And this was done by Kreshnik Çollaku, Gazment Bardhi, and many of the deputies included in the list by Lulzim Basha. They are the ones who are cursing, attacking and anathematizing the democrats, the Democratic Party and its structures.

Because it is exactly these individuals that no one want them in the DP. By their behavior they have clearly shown that they wanted at all costs a deputy mandate, and now they are ready to do everything for Lulzim Basha, in order to save their political career./

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