Why the President of the Republic didn’t say a single word today on World Anti-Corruption Day?!

9 Dhjetor 2021, 20:11, English CNA
Why the President of the Republic didn’t say a single word today on World

On December 9, 2003, the United Nations signed the International Anti-Corruption Convention. More than 100 representatives of countries from around the world, including the representative of Albania, signed the International Anti-Corruption Convention, giving this date a special value to make a balance sheet, and to set priorities in the fight against corruption.

Therefore, today in Albania, various state and public authorities, underlined on this day the priority that the fight against corruption has in our country. The chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, taking advantage of the fact that the senior american official, Gabriel Escobar, started his visit to Tirana with a meeting with him at the headquarters of the Democratic Party, underlined the importance of this visit exactly on this day.

While, in a statement to the media, at the end of the official US meeting, he said that he demands strong commitment from albanian institutions against corruption. While the head of the OSCE Office in Tirana, in his welcoming speech at the High Level Forum for the Fight against Corruption, said that corruption in Albania, as elsewhere, is a complex and multidimensional problem, as a corrupt environment increases the costs of doing business discourages foreign investors, distorts markets and investment advantages, and undermines trust in public administration.

The US Embassy in Tirana also underlined the fact, that the fight against corruption requires more than just words. The same message was conveyed by the delegation of the European Union in Tirana. Meanwhile, the only one who didn?t say a single word is the President of the Republic Ilir Meta, although it is our responsibility to deliver messages to the people and state institutions as head of state.

But it seems that Ilir Meta?s silence on the day of the fight against corruption is not a bureaucratic ?forgetfulness? of his advisers, who even today found the time to publish the news that the President of the Republic has honored with the title ?Grand Master? some former average footballers . Ilir Meta?s silence is a message, an attitude. He knows very well the popular proverb:There is no mention of the rope in the house of the hangman!


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