Former leader Lulzim Basha’s anti-Assembly/ Democrats will impose a “red line” on him on Saturday

17 Dhjetor 2021, 16:57, English CNA
Former leader Lulzim Basha’s anti-Assembly/ Democrats will impose a

The anti-Assembly convened by Lulzim Basha, has angered the democrats, who have decided that on December 11, that he will no longer be the leader of the Democratic Party. Tomorrow they are expected to formalize Basha?s dismissal, through a referendum, where democrats across the country will express their will.

The former DP leader, who in a deep despair is changing the locks on the doors of the headquarters, abandoned by almost everyone, is doing his best not to leave the DP headquarters.

In these circumstances, the group for the change of Democratic Party is trying to calm down the democrats, to be calm, not to get involved and not to fall into the trap of Lulzim Basha, who is seeking to save himself by holding an anti-Assembly.

Hundreds of angry militants are very irritated and want to go to the Palace of Congresses on Saturday to tell Basha who are the real democrats. To tell him about his failures and losses in these 8 years. How he abandoned them and left them in the middle of the street, entering into bargains with Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Therefore, the call that goes to these hundreds of Democratic Party militants from the group for the change of the DP, is to remain calm and patient until the end of the referendum. Their voice will be heard through their vote.

Their vote will punish Lulzim Basha, for all the ridicule he has made with them during these years, starting from the protests under the Tent, the May 17 Agreement, the lies for protests, or for the donation to Edi Rama of the local government, not forgetting here the third mandate of the government that he gave on April 25.

Basha has convened an Assembly tomorrow, but there are many questions about who will fill the hall and who will attend. This suspicion is reinforced by a statement by MP Oriola Pampuri. In a television interview, she claimed that Saturday?s Assembly will have a large membership turnout.

So it seems that because the lack of support, Lulzim Basha will call as members the workers of his brother-in-law companies, although the National Assembly does not consist of DP membership but delegates./

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