Editorial/ Incinerators, Top Channel, Ben Blushi and the millions that accuse

26 Dhjetor 2021, 09:26, English CNA
Editorial/ Incinerators, Top Channel, Ben Blushi and the millions that accuse

The corruption scandal of incinerators was constantly denounced by very few media, which managed to make public the names of companies as far as Bulgaria, where it was revealed that politician Ben Blushi was in partnership with Mirel Mertiri and Klodian Zoto through his wife.

Mirel Mertiri, also known as the mastermind of the incinerator scheme, appears in the list of payments leaked recently in January and April 2021, as the director of the company that has the concession in the Tirana landfill and the Tirana incinerator, which in fact doesn?t exist.

Millions and millions of euros have been paid. Ben Blushi appears in two pay-lists with hundreds of millions of Lek. He has justified that the salary has been smaller, and probably this was true. But the fact is that the Tax Directorate has some payrolls, as taxes are paid there.

What is the truth on this issue should be investigated by SPAK. Chain companies with Ben Blushi?wife in partnership with a company, bought Lori Coffee for $ 2.2 million. So in partnership with Vjollca Hoxha?s Top Channel. Is Top Channel responsible here?

Without any discussion there is a public and moral responsibility involved, from Vjollca Hoxha and other shareholders of this television. This television has made dozens of chronicles and TV shows, where he has defended the incinerators, a corrupt affair, for which a former minister is today in prison.

They should go out and at least apologize publicly. First Vjollca Hoxha. She?s fired Ben Blush from running Top Channel. But his people who were accused of attacking businesses, are still working in Top Channel, and they are collaborators of Vjollca Hoxha.

Top Channel has often raised the alarm about the waste in Durrës, while many chronicles, news, special shows, who described the incinerators as a great success. There are millions and millions paid to the accounts of this television by incinerator companies and their people, not to mention Vjollca Hoxha?s partnership with Mirel Mërtiri, Klodian Zoto and Eva Blushi.

Not to mention Vjollca Hoxha?s partnership with Stela Gugallja and Ben Blushi. These are documented facts. So Top Channel and Vjollca Hoxha owe a public apology to albanians, after receiving millions of euros in the form of advertising to advocate a corrupt act, the largest scandal in the history of Albania in these 30 years, where 178 million euros are given as a concession by the government and then the media is paid with this money.

It has already been proven that the incinerators had corrupt schemes inside them and the albanians cannot forgive this to Top Channel, nor to Vjollca Hoxha or Ben Blushi. A television station receives millions of euros from Albanian taxes, attacks businesses, builders, investors, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

But beyond the clash with business, the clash with albanian citizens and the use of their taxes by becoming part of corrupt schemes of concessions granted by the government, is a criminal act by a medium.

How can be a free media a national television, when it benefits from public money after the government grants concessions, and protects the corrupt incinerator concession scandals ?! This is embarrassing, and disgusting. SPAK cannot close this case with only the arrest of former Minister Lefter Koka.

Because the scandal it is not only about 4 million euros that Koka received, but 178 million euros of contracts and about 430 million euros of funds in total, which would circulate from the taxes of albanians in this corrupt concession. So the sooner SPAK goes to Top Channel the better it will be./CNA.al

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