Who are the incriminated elements held by Lulzim Basha on the terrace of the Democratic Party headquarters

20 Dhjetor 2021, 15:30, English CNA
Who are the incriminated elements held by Lulzim Basha on the terrace of the

At the beginning, the media reported that they were the forces of the Republic Guard and the State Police or RENEA. But over the days it has been proven that some people armed with tear gas and masks, stay dressed in black clothes and hooded, disguised in the corridors or on the terrace of the headquarters of the Democratic Party, whenever former Prime Minister Sali Berisha or opponents of Lulzim Basha, seek to enter their offices.

And here we are talking about DP officials like Albana Vokshi, Belind Këlliçi, the head of the National Council Edi Paloka, etc, whose offices have been forcibly opened, their locks have been changed, and moreover their personal things have been stolen.

CNA.al was able to find out who are these people. It is about a group of individuals associated with senior officials, whom Lulzim Basha has held by his side in the Municipality of Tirana or as Minister of Interior. So they are not bodyguards from the State Police, or the Republic Guard.

The latter has announced that it has increased by about 4 people the security of the dismissed chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha. But nothing more. It is known which officials accompany Lulzim Basha.

And there is no responsibility neither the Guard nor the State Police for the people who stay on the terrace or in corridors of the DP with masks on their faces or with tear gas and guns in their hands, and who threaten the democrats who are in the DP headquarters, who want to go in their offices, or who gather to remove Lulzim Basha.

CNA.al has revealed that in addition to some former union officials, there are other persons connected with the criminal world who come from outside Tirana. Mercenaries paid from the Pristina mosque, or others from Kumanovo in northern Macedonia.

They are the people who make up the group of people who stay at the DP headquarters in defense of Lulzim Basha. These persons also associated with other characters of the criminal world are names known to the police.

So, it is worth mentioning that the State Police itself has been accused as part of the scandal of threatening or taking out weapons against the democrats, as was the case of Belind Këlliçi in the corridors of the Democratic Party by people from the criminal world.

The police were able to identify very well who are the people are inside the DP headquarters are. Official sources told CNA.al that some are residents of Tirana, and some came from Kosovo or Northern Macedonia. They are part of the group that is trying to hold the headquarters of the Democratic Party hostage./CNA.al

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