The “Blushi” file and the silence of SPAK

23 Dhjetor 2021, 15:25, English CNA
The “Blushi” file and the silence of SPAK

Ben Blushi is a well-known person to the albanian public as a politician, but lately also for his scandals as CEO of Top Channel. Highly accused by the media, Ben Blushi is the politician who abandoned journalism, and then turned into a media manager, with the sole purpose of increasing his fortune.

There are several criminal charges against him in SPAK, but Arben Kraja and his colleagues didn?t find it necessary to investigate the politician Ben Blushi, although by law they are obliged to do so. In this institution have been filed several reports from prosecutors, but also citizens regarding Blushi?s property, its source or concealment.

Data which have been denounced in many media. has been one of them. We discovered the forgery of the firm of Ben Blushi?s daughter, Natali Blushi, during the purchase of a property which cost about 500 million Lek, but signed for a value of only 30 thousand euros.

This purchase took place while Ben Blushi was still an MP in 2015. also made public the denunciation by a private company, that Ben Blushi?s driver had received about 60.000 dollars in fuel, and this amount was not paid.

Further, we have told the story of the conflict over a palace built in Tirana, registered in the name of Ben Blush?s father-in-law, the late Abaz Brati. With a formal lawsuit for an alleged debt of 70.000 dollars, a builder in Tirana was robbed of a part of the palace, and from that maneuver the late father-in-law of Ben Blushi would gain a dizzying fortune in the center of Tirana.

Further, Ben Blushi became the director of Top Channel, and we soon discovered his connections to incinerators. The main screen of albanians, turned to the media that supported the corrupt affair of the century. Ben Blushi himself, became a partner in a company called Kudo Pay, with Stela Gugalla and Vjollca Hoxha.

So the partners of this company are the owner of Top Channel, the owner of the incinerator of Elbasan and Ben Blushi. On the other hand, revealed the existence in Bulgaria of the company EM Capital Group, which has Klodian Zoto as a partner, already announced wanted by the police, after the court issued an arrest warrant for him.

Blushi has earned tens of millions of lek as director of Top Channel. But according to a recently released database, only in January 2021, he takes about 240 million Lek. In an alibi fabricated by a media outlet close to the government, it is said that this large sum of money has been a form of reward.

But, this already matters little. Ben Blushi, should be investigated. SPAK should investigate and open its file. How did he get rich, and why did he get rich? He has previously been a minister, deputy minister, MP and politician. Are these benefits due to public posts that has held?

Did this money come because he was the director of Top Channel? How has increased his fortune? Ben Blushi was the subject of the declaration until 2017, when he left the mandate of deputy, and when the albanians no longer elected him in his adventure with the LIBRA party.

Today, SPAK has more than one fact. There are two companies, in partnership of Ben Blushi and his wife, Eva Blushi, with Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri and Stela Gugalla. Then there is another company in Tirana, Lori Kafe, where the company Em Capital Group is a shareholder. Eva Blushi, Ben Blushi?s wife, is still a shareholder.

This company was bought for $ 2.2 million. Where did Eva Blushi find 33 percent of this amount to buy the shares? On the other hand, how was the file of the famous notary closed, where the forgery contract of Blushi?s daughter?s signature was signed, through a procedure by the Ministry of Justice, with the justification that 5 years had passed since the forgery was committed?

On the other hand, the prosecution does not investigate either. SPAK remains silent. Some companies come out in partnership with incinerators, and SPAK remain again silent. Counterfeit signatures appear, the Ministry of Justice closes them.

Today, dizzying salaries are emerging. What is the source of this income? Where does this money come from? Why pay such staggering sums? Should the prosecution once and for all uncover Ben Blushi?s dark activity?

SPAK cannot remain silent. Even the Tirana Prosecutor?s Office cannot make the defendant, closing the case with a procedure for a deputy, former deputy, former minister, television director, who has already created a very scary fortune, and is officially a partner with the owners of the concession of incinerators, described as the corrupt affair of the century./

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