The two fatal theses of Edi Rama

29 Dhjetor 2021, 20:33, English CNA
The two fatal theses of Edi Rama

Through public statements or debates with citizens on social networks, the Prime Minister Edi Rama has shown in recent days, his stance on the recent scandals in Albania, such as the leak and publication of personal data, ID numbers, salaries, car license plates, but also the scandal of incinerators, which has long been denounced by the media, and that has recently been confirmed by the SPAK as a corrupt affair, leading to the arrest of former Minister Lefter Koka.

Mr. Rama writes that scandals such as the publication of confidential data have occurred in the US, Russia and more powerful countries. But in this case there is a question:Who is responsible for what happened? It is true that such events can occur in places with much more powerful systems, due to agencies, espionage, etc.

Wikileaks has released secret US documents. But someone bears responsibility. But in Albania, who is responsible for this scandal? Has anyone been arrested for this case? Hundreds of millions of euros have been spent by the albanian state, precisely for the improvement of the data system.

The Prime Minister?s justification was with the austrian company, that made a project 8 years ago. What have you done in the 8 years in power, Mr.Prime Minister? Why didn?t you change the system? Why didn?t you strengthen data security? Then let us not forget the patronage workers, for whom the Prime Minister says he feels very proud.

So we have a total irresponsibility. Scandals happen everywhere, but someone is responsible. Meanwhile, hundreds of millions of euros have been spent here, and again secret data are being published. But why was the Prime Minister elected? Is not he the guardian of the albanians?taxes and investments for the development of the country?

If he was to be responsible, in addition to apologizing, Rama should have identified and dismissed those responsible, so that tomorrow no one intends to abuse his duty. The Prime Minister showed his approach to the issue of incinerators, saying that the responsibility is personal.

Ok Mr. Prime Minister, but it cannot be the personal responsibility of Lefter Koka alone, because you are the Prime Minister, you are the man who elected Lefter Koka as minister.

Secondly, those concession contracts, the incinerator of Elbasan, Fier and Tirana, were not approved only with the firm of Lefter Koka, but with government decisions. Moreover, this issue has other scandals, such as the fact that within a day the ministries have given their opinion, the contracts have been prepared, and it was immediately signed in open violation of the law.

Who is the lever that moved so many ministries, to react in record time and have contracts signed immediately? Who bears the responsibility for the fact that there was no open international tender, where these concessions could be approved at half value.

The incinerator in Elbasan ended too late and is not what it should be. The incinerator in Fier is not finished yet, while Tirana does not have an incinerator yet. The government has paid millions of euros in citizens?taxes. With this money, an open international tender could have been conducted and a lot of money could have been won.

Not to mention the fact that this cannot even be called a concession, as the money was paid by the government. A few months after were signed the contracts, the Albanian government paid hundreds of thousands of euros for the incinerator concessionaire.

Therefore, these two approaches of the Prime Minister regarding the incinerators and the release of data, show that Rama probably feels guilty without guilt, he seeks to remove the responsibility from himself. According to him, the fault lies with a simple official, or an SMI minister in the Rama government.

But who appointed the minister in office? And the minor official? Who included the SMI in the government? For this scandal is not enough the arrest of Lefter Koka, who was found with money in his pocket. Absolutely not. Stela Gugallja and Klodian Zoto are not enough on the issue of incinerators, neither Mirel Mërtiri, Ëngjëll Agaçi.

Nor any other official can be forgotten. And the scandal with the publication of secret data cannot be passed with the resignation of an IT specialist to the Tax Directorate. Many officials, politicians, and parties involved in the scandals are responsible.

The Prime Minister?s approach to these phenomena, constitutes an amnesty for the crimes that occur. In fact, Rama has a big fault, that there is no opposition in Albania. He has left the country without opposition, so that when such scandals occur the government, he will not have any problems.

Because in another situation, with a real and strong opposition, Edi Rama would no longer be in duty. He would bring to justice all those involved in the incinerator affair, or those who had put their hands in the servers to extract the private data of the citizens and all would be together in prison./


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