The place where Ilir Meta will become prime minister is revealed

2024-04-17 13:06:00, Satire Politike CNA
The place where Ilir Meta will become prime minister is revealed
Ilir Meta

The head of PL declared today that he will become prime minister himself in case there will be problems with justice with the doctor and instead of the doctor he will take the post of prime minister. Or if he is a doctor, he will be deputy prime minister and minister of the interior. 

In fact, we at CNA looked for the places where Ilir Meta can become prime minister, because with votes he can barely get that place, where the Freedom Party and the divided opposition are stuck, and with the behavior of Ilir Meta, it seems that Edi Rama will stay few in power. 

But, anyway, Ilir Meta has the place for prime minister, because he has the ministers inside, he also has his deputies inside . For example, he can go and become deputy prime minister in Prison 313.

He can stay there for a while until he receives the sentence and becomes prime minister, for example in Fier prison, where there is Lefter Kokë who was a minister, where there is Alqi Bllakon who was a deputy.  It can also go to Petri Vasili, who had him as a minister, these other members of the LSI who have been arrested can also go, there is also a mayor and he is comfortable. 

You rule from Fier prison just like the prime minister of a country. Albania needs such a prime minister to govern the country from prison. Then we will say that Ilir Meta is a real man./ CNA 


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