Luli, Happy Sleep Day!

2024-03-16 22:40:00, Satire Politike CNA

Luli, Happy Sleep Day!

March 15 is World Sleep Day.

This day is of great importance for Lul gjumashi, the opposition leader who has been dozing off for years.

He languished at the top of the Democratic Party, where he lost every possible political battle and narrowed his constituency ever more.

Luli, Happy Sleep Day!

It reached its peak with the disintegration of the Democratic Party, the forced resignation and the departure from the stage for more than a year.

After sleeping for a long time, Luli fell asleep and asked for the Democratic Party again, but even during this time we have seen him sleep in places.

Just a few days ago, a photo of Luli napping at the airport was circulated, and there are not a few cases where the sleeper of the opposition has been caught by the cameras of travelers sleeping.

Luli, Happy Sleep Day!

So today we want to wish Luli: Happy Sleep Day!

Please forgive us for wishing you a day late, but we thought it appropriate to wish you today, since yesterday you were celebrating by taking a nap and you wouldn't read to us./ CNA

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