Krisma was there, but Luli didn't listen to them

2024-01-16 13:03:00, Satire Politike CNA
Krisma was there, but Luli didn't listen to them
Lulzim Basha

After waking up from the lethargic sleep of the cold winter days, Luli appeared to us yesterday in the Parliament. Of course, to continue with the "work" where he left off. 

After the session of the Assembly, he came out with great zeal and spoke to the journalists about the important Electoral Reform.

After no hesitation, he lied publicly, as he rarely did, and said that he had cooperated with internationals to convince Gjiknuri of the SP about the important reform. 

He did not even hesitate to thank the internationals for their support and mediation. 

"In cooperation with the international factor, whose representatives I would like to thank, we have managed to take a modest first step towards the main priority of removing political irresponsibility from the political scene, through the Electoral Reform. At least for the moment, it seems that in cooperation with Albania's strategic allies, the Democratic Party, as the leader of this process, has managed to convince the other party to start work on the Electoral Reform Commission", said Basha. 

This statement actually alarmed the EU delegation in Tirana and the American embassy, ??who came out and denied what Basha had said.

The EU delegation in Tirana emphasized that they were not involved in any mediation and emphasized the need to follow the recommendations of the OSCE/ODIHR.

While the American embassy said that the meetings are not part of any mediation between the DP and the SP. 

But Luli continues with his pearls. Everyone heard the cries, except him. 

After the reactions of the internationals, the "excellent" reacted on social networks, as if nothing had happened and as if he had not said anything. 

There was no response to the internationals, but chose only to thank them for their support to Albania and the Electoral Reform. 

"On behalf of the Democratic Party of Albania, I repeat my gratitude for the support that Albania's strategic partners, the USA, the EU and the UK, as well as the OSCE-ODIHR give to the electoral reform process in Albania. Thanks to this support, after a long period of silence, The Electoral Reform Commission is expected to start work soon. Open lists, vote equality, diaspora vote and electronic voting and counting are the priorities of the Democratic Party embodied in the package of legal proposals deposited in the Albanian Parliament. Time to gave the Albanians an Electoral Code without tricks and obstacles for the freedom and equality of the vote", said Basha. 

Apparently, Basha is only employed to work. He does not give voice to unimportant statements or reactions. Only large jobs taken./CNA 

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