The iconic pharmacist of Korça

2024-03-20 17:07:00, Qyteti im CNA
The iconic pharmacist of Korça
Elda Zavalani

CNA TV focuses on the promotion of the most special characters of the city of Korça and beyond. Another interesting profile is that of Elda Zavalani. Most of the citizens of Korça know who Elda is, but we bring this report to all viewers of our television.

For more than 30 years, Elda has practiced the beautiful profession of pharmacist, a profession that for her is her whole life. Elda welcomed us at her pharmacy located on Republika Boulevard in the city and very happily agreed to be a part of this reportage. Smiling and showing a lot of positivity, Elda describes herself very simply to all those who don't know her. She says that the merits and phrases to describe an individual should be said by other people and not by herself.

Choosing the profession of a pharmacist was not a coincidence for Elda. It was her father's dream that he wanted to be a pharmacist in those years, but in the impossibility of realizing this dream, Elda made his wish come true. Elda says that she loves this profession because she is close to people and takes care of their health, which is the most important thing in life. Among other things, she says that she has received satisfaction from the evaluations of clients, but on the other hand, she has also experienced their suffering, keeping pain inside herself.

Naturally, we couldn't help but ask Elda about one of the stories that she singles out as one of the most impressive stories.

In addition to this beautiful story, Elda also mentions the evaluations she has received from the elderly and children, as well as people whom Elda has given quick help in minor accidents on the road, cases of hypertension, etc.

In addition to being a pharmacist, Elda has a passion for art, culture, literature, cinematography, painting, that is, art in general. She says that for many years she follows every cultural activity that is organized in the city of Korça and not only because she remembers that earlier together with her husband she used to go to Tirana to see various theater performances or even concerts.

Elda Zavalani is very close to her friends not only in real life but also in virtual life. Facebook is one of the applications that she has chosen to express her thoughts and opinions, also bringing life moments.

While we ask Elda about some of her challenges in life or a goal she will reach in the future, with a frankness that Elda herself has, she shows that she would like to have several children, not just one. Another hostage of Elda is learning a musical instrument while her distant plan is to publish a book as many people have suggested it.

Elda Zavalani is one of the most popular characters of Korça, with an immense help for the people of Korçë and not only, with priceless values ??that make Elda an "asset" of the city. At a time when everyone is thinking of leaving the small town and Albania, Elda, who had the opportunity to live for some time in Canada, chose to return to her homeland./ CNA

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