What does Enverist Xhafaj want from SPAK

2024-02-12 12:35:00, Politikë CNA
What does Enverist Xhafaj want from SPAK
Fatmir Xhafaj

Fatmir Xhafaj is the creator of an "Ad-Hoc" structure, which he asked to lead himself, created by the parliament, to attack SPAK.

The proposal was sent to Prime Minister Rama by the head of the Municipality of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, and the problems that the capital's municipality has, regarding the investigations being carried out by SPAK, are known .

Many directors are under investigation, officials, up to the role of Erion Veliaj in the case of incinerators, or multiple tenders won by people close to the directors and suspicious companies.

Enverist Fatmir Xhafaj, as an ideator, gave his proposal to Veliaj and then Veliaj, Rama and the socialists started to move.

What does Enverist Xhafaj want from SPAK
Edi Rama and Fatmir Xhafaj

Initially, they said about an "Ad Hoc" commission, then they withdrew, sometimes they accept it, sometimes they deny it, and yesterday a meeting took place, a meeting between Prime Minister Edi Rama and MP Fatmir Xhafaj immediately after the meeting of the assembly.

It is still not known what Fatmir Xhafaj clearly wants from SPAK and what role he wants to take, but one thing is true, he left his position as Minister of the Interior because of his family ties to crime. (read here)

At that time, Xhafaj claimed that he was not sufficiently protected by the socialists, and with the same thesis, he has brought it back to the political market today, saying that the socialists, their 99-chas, are not sufficiently protected by the official policy, by the majority, since they are not commission cases should also be handed over to SPAK, and in cases of investigations, because the socialist majority must be more united and will not allow SPAK to arrest and apply the law to high-ranking officials of the majority, who are mired in the mire of corruption.

But it is still not clear what Fatmir Xhafaj is really looking for, is he looking to do business with SPAK, is he looking to control SPAK, or is he looking to save Rilindah's thieves and its 99-chas./CNA 


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