Rama organizes the SP, like Luli the DP

2024-02-11 09:31:00, Politikë CNA
Rama organizes the SP, like Luli the DP
Prime Minister Edi Rama

Prime Minister Edi Rama will convene the Assembly of the Socialist Party this Sunday.

In the focus of this Assembly, Rama has the reorganization of the party.

In fact, just like Lulzim Basha with the Council with 600 members, Rama will gather 400 people, including ministers and deputies to reorganize the party.

The head of government has even ordered that no one be absent and everything be behind closed doors.

Like Luli, Rama seeks to reorganize the party with a chaotic Assembly, where only his words and those of the ministers who always list the successes, ignoring the corrupt affairs that have fallen into the hands of SPAK, will be heard.

However, in order to reorganize the SP, like Luli PD, Rama will hold the Assembly today at 10:30./ CNA

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