Berisha's warning/ "February 20, the end of Rama's narcodictatorship"

2024-02-10 19:12:00, Politikë CNA
Berisha's warning/ "February 20, the end of Rama's
The head of the DP, Sali Berisha

The head of the DP, Sali Berisha, has issued a warning to the government, as he spoke about the national protest organized by the opposition on February 20.

Berisha said that February 20 is the end of the narco-dictatorship, the end of Prime Minister Edi Rama and his government.

"Imagine what happens on February 20, when he remembers the scenes of his spiritual father's crawling. He remembers the trip with his family of blockmen to Zall Herr's bunkers. So, February 20 is approaching. It is your day, the day of Albanians, the day of victory. It is the end of the narco-dictatorship, the end of Edi Rama and his regime", he said.

The chief democrat called on farmers to join the opposition on February 20 and come to Tirana by all means.

"Let's not forget, Albania in Europe is the country with the largest weight in the economy from agriculture. And its agriculture is being destroyed year by year unstoppably.

I guarantee the farmers that DP with its program will stop the rolling, will stop the evil that has caught them, will mark the real turning point. It will increase subsidies, at least from today by 8 times.

It will guarantee the services, it will guarantee the quality of the inputs, it will guarantee the honest equal tax in purchase and sale, it will guarantee the subsidy for the production unit, it will promote their exports, it will protect their products.

Albanian farmers, February 20 is your day, it is the day to go down to Tirana with all the means you have, it is the day for you to win, for Albania to win", emphasized the former prime minister./ CNA

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