The assemblies of Rama, like the councils of Lul

2024-02-10 16:13:00, Politikë CNA
The assemblies of Rama, like the councils of Lul
Prime Minister Edi Rama

Prime Minister Edi Rama does not look a bit like Lulzim Basha, but some acts and actions are the same, sometimes Luli tries to understand him and sometimes Rama tries to understand him, to understand their schemes.

For example, Lulzim Basha invented a national council with 600 members. More than a meeting, it was a mess that didn't know what was going on. Why did Lulzim Basha want this type of national council?

Because he wanted the first to not know the second, who spoke more and who less, the protagonists would be the same and to add to the list his people, his family members who in a possible case of conflict within the DP , he would get something.

The assemblies of Rama, like the councils of Lul

As it actually happened. Once upon a time, no one thought that Basha could collide with Berisha, but time has shown that in politics you can never say never.

Therefore, Luli created a national council, which met several times and it is not remembered if there was a quorum or not, what decisions were made, who proposed them, what were the changes, what effects did they have and so on.

Our Prime Minister Edi Rama is doing the same thing. After the inventions of Lulzim Basha, he has also started to act.

He has called an assembly tomorrow, where it is not known who is first and who is last. About 400 members of the Assembly, MPs, mayors, ministers, vice-ministers, directors, bunch of people for party organization. "Too much and for the river", say the people.

About 400 people who tomorrow will listen to a long speech by the prime minister and the ministers who will announce not only their successes in governance, but also the great successes that await the party in power in its organization, in the preparation of how it will be put right next elections.

The assemblies of Rama, like the councils of Lul
Prime Minister Edi Rama

So, a united fist around the party for the fourth 4-year term.

Comrade Enver used to have 5-year mandates, now with elections we have 4. The socialists, like from their party, are now seeking a fourth mandate.

While the opposition has turned into a straw man, where the first does not understand the second and simple and only the symbolism of the councils with 600 members is left, which the prime minister approaches with his party, which convenes an assembly with 400 guests. CNA

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