Berisha, charges against SPAK/Amnesty Amant Josif

2024-02-10 19:32:00, Politikë CNA

Berisha, charges against SPAK/Amnesty Amant Josif

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has accused SPAK and the head of this institution, Altin Dumani, as he commented on the decision to prosecute Amant Josif by the Spanish authorities.

Berisha said that this is how SPAK has amnestied Amant Josif, the former adviser of former minister Olta Xhaçka.

According to him, SPAK did this action to protect Olsi Rama, with whom Amant Josifi had a partnership.

"My friends, Albania is today the country of the biggest scandals in Europe. A country with 28 thousand square kilometers produces bigger scandals than any other country. Yesterday, Skapi of the party informed the public about the amnesty of Amant Josif and Olsi Rama.

My friends, Amant Josifi, Olsi Rama's partner, with a whole network of call-centers, in the framework of a European supermafia group, have robbed the citizens of Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries of 2.8 billion euros with Bitcoin.

All this, the ugly crime was a scheme spread over several countries, but little Albania had 40 percent of this criminal gang activity. In charge of this activity was Amant Josifi, the son of the head of the administration of Edi Rama. Olsi Rama's partner.

What did Altin Dumani do with his Skapi? When the media and the opposition asked to arrest Amant Josifi, he said no, we don't have to and he didn't issue an arrest warrant. Olsi Rama escorted him to Dubai. A court in a small town in Spain, following a complaint by the citizens of that town, issued an arrest warrant. The Spanish police found him where he was, found him in Dubai.

What does Altin Dumani say to the Albanians today? In the most criminal way, he tells them that for Amant Josif, we have agreed to investigate the Spanish prosecutor's office.

Is there a more shameful act than this? Amant Josifi, my friends, committed his ugly crime, the theft of billions of euros in Bitcoin, from Tirana with Olsi Rama, politically protected by Olsi Rama.

So the crime happened in Albania, but for Duman, no, no. Because I know that Amanti is being investigated, it means that I had a partnership with Olsi. And Dumani does not dare to pronounce Olsi's name, because he is caught, restrained by Edi Rama. And I say to Dumanists that the defense of Duman is the defense of crime, that the defense of Duman is the defense of Edi Rama.

Is it human logic to say that the murder takes place in Albania, but judge it in another country? Is it human logic to say that 2 billion euros have been stolen from Tirana, but to judge another country? This is a shame, this is a black page, this is an ugly crime", stressed Berisha.

He made these accusations from the balcony of his house, while addressing the protesters on "Mustafa Matohiti" street./ CNA

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