Assembly with defendants and the anti-SPAK group/ Rama: I will reposition

2024-02-11 11:00:00, Politikë CNA
Assembly with defendants and the anti-SPAK group/ Rama: I will reposition
Prime Minister Edi Rama

Prime Minister Edi Rama spoke to the media before the start of the SP Assembly, where several officials, ministers and mayors under investigation, as well as the famous anti-SPAK group, will join together.

Rama said that in this Assembly with 400 people, the reorganization of the SP will be reported and discussed.

"Since today we do not have broadcasts from the meeting, I stand by your respect to tell you that this is a meeting of work, reports and discussions regarding the other steps that will be followed in function of the objective to completely reorganize the SP- in and to make it ready for the next victory.

The SP is in an extremely important process and we are very aware that it is more necessary than ever before for a great opening of the party and the widest possible involvement of all those who have the desire, have the inner need to contribute and demand their space with full right.

Today we have no plan to make changes, today we are here to do an analysis and take other actions", he said.

However, the head of the government stated that the reorganization will include the same persons, including those under accusation, together with the anti-SPAK group.

Asked by journalists if he will punish the socialists who have not done the job properly, he emphasized that there will be no dismissals, only repositionings.

"The word punishment does not apply to the organization of a political family, while reorganization means movement and repositioning in order to do the job as well as possible", underlined Rama./ CNA

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