Habit, the serial loser of the DP/ I have reason to hold my head high

2024-02-11 14:55:00, Politikë CNA
Habit, the serial loser of the DP/ I have reason to hold my head high
Lulzim Basha

Lulzim Basha, the serial loser of the Democratic Party, who has suffered defeat in every confrontation, surprised this Sunday with a statement.

Luli said he has reason to keep his head up and see the future with optimism.

Although he divided the Democratic Party, sank it in every electoral contest and turned it into a personal party, Basha still claims that he has reason to hold his head high.

He even continues to deceive and call his DP a contemporary political party, although he is left with 10 MPs who work only for Luli's interests.

"Today, the Democratic Party has reason to hold its head high. There are reasons to look with optimism, to look towards tomorrow, and the reason is that these two years did not tell us, humiliated us and dishonored us. But they showed us the real leadership within the Democratic Party. They reformed the body of this leadership by separating the alum from the sugar, removing the false glitter of the slats that many during these 34 years received or were often given without merit. Showing that in essence we are not a cult, we are not a clan, but we are a contemporary political party, united around values, around convictions, around visions, around faith and above all around love not just for ourselves, for each other, but for Albania and for the Albanians", underlined Basha./ CNA

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