Happy Czech...

2024-02-26 09:35:00, Kulturë Astrit Çerma

Happy Czech...

While Spiro Duni and I were waiting for the "payer" of the cinema studio to bring us our meals because we had "cartridges" left in our pockets, we entered the "self-service" club of the "Peza" hotel and spent the last "fifty" we had for "a to the stems of a coffee" each.

Slurping coffee and slurping to pass the time as if we were drinking the last drops of water in the desert, we suddenly noticed at the end of the bar


Alone at the long table where he ate and drank while standing, he took the "double" glass of a reddish liquid, probably fennel, and after downing half of it in one breath, he lit a cigarette.

- Let's drink, said Spiro. - I noticed: he didn't even wrinkle his face at all.

- Eee, I gave it back.

Cekia continued with his. He put back what was left in the glass, and just like that, without stirring at all, he went to the counter and took the second double. 

- Wow..So many drops?..asked Spirua..

- Yes.. As far as I know, no hours, yes..

Cekia returned a good "two fingers" of the glass without spoiling Teresa at all and suddenly turned to us. He saw us.

- What about you? What are you doing there..

- Yes, Ceke, I showed him the cups and glasses.

- Well, yes, eh..Should I come there or will you come....

- No, don't play, Spirua interrupted. - We are coming..

One returned the cups and glasses from the packages they had, and, with a rush, we arrived at his table:

- Wait until I get you a glass. - Cekia said and ran to the counter.

Our face brightened. As we watched from Cekia, as soon as the waiter put two double glasses on the counter and started to fill them, Spiro asked me:

- Ore.Se..I can't remember: What is Cekia's long name?

- Sejfulla..

- He's filling up twice as much. Until the diets come to us, forget the Czech Republic. We only have Sejfullan now.    

Cekia, as soon as he brought the two doubles, put them in front of us, without waiting for us to thank him like Sejfulla, grabbed his glass, tapped it with ours and congratulated us:

- Come..Happy..

We also snatched the double, one stunned and we just wet our lips....

- What time is this?.. Spirua croaked for once..

- Who is evil? Cekia asked..

- This hour we are drinking.. What the hell is it?..

- Vermuth, please. .Cekia returned it..

- What smell?!

- Summer..shit..

- What kind of summer are you talking about?

- No wine, shit or evil, no. It's summer..muuuthiiii. This is not internal wine..it is external wine..

Well, I burst out laughing.. Eh: Tears were flowing..

- We, from there, said that you are drinking beer. From the color they look like one.. We would have envied you when you returned the glass..- I told him..

- Ehh..Where do I get the idea to drink the förrnet. A single: 18 lek, double: 36. Three doubles say: all the knowledge we get.. If this wine pleases you. 9 lek single, 18 double. It doesn't even need coffee because it's also a little sweet. How do they say: the appetizer is inside..

- Okay, Sejfulla, I mean you Ceke: well, yes.. Like drinking tea..

- He.he.he. Spiro listen to me, I'm the usta for vermouth:

He approaches you slowly and when he leads you into the circle of the coffin, you know that he has entered. Pa.. even puts you to sleep without headache. Yes, the main thing is that it comes out quickly. This is not a little for us married people..

Ehh.. And Cekia was right..

After that, with Spiro and Zef Mosi, I didn't leave a half-liter or a liter bottle standing and, honestly, I tell you: the first glass was almost always a knock for Sejfulla, our beloved Ceka..

So even today:

- Happy beautiful birthday Ceke, our friend and everyone's..

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