The famous composer, Nexhmedin Doko, dies at the age of 95

2024-02-01 12:31:00, Kulturë CNA

The famous composer, Nexhmedin Doko, dies at the age of 95

Nexhmedin Doko , the outstanding composer, author of many light music songs and school textbooks, died at the age of 95 .

Nexhmedin Doko was born in 1929, in the city of Berat. In 1950, he finished the "Jordan Misja" Artistic High School in Tirana with high results. Prof. Doko was a "product" of the well-known Romanian Conservatory "Ciprian Porumbescu" (composer of the music of the national anthem), where he continued his studies in conducting and composition (1958-1962).

His compositions have been performed by well-known singers such as Vaçe Zela, Gaqo Çako, Ramiz Kovaçi, Zija Çela, etc. He has participated in some of the song festivals where he has also won prizes. Creations of Nexhmedin Dokos include the songs "When I am close to you", "Rini e Zjarrte", etc., as well as the operetta "Light and song".

Nexhmedin Doko has also written music textbooks. After the blows of the communist system in the field of art and culture (1973-1974), Nexhemdin Doko was almost totally excluded from the system, in the framework of the infamous class war, and many of his subsequent creations were not lucky enough to become public, leave his musical CV truncated, a bitter fate that accompanied many prominent creators and artists who lived in the period of the communist dictatorship. 

Part of the creativity of Nexhmedin Doko

1. Fiery youth - XIII RTSH Song Festival - 1974

2. Meeting of the generations - XII Festival of the song in RTSH - 1973

3. Party in the highlands - The 6th Song Festival at RTSH - 1967

4. When I'm near you - IV Song Festival at RTSH - 1965

5. Return from the field - The 3rd Song Festival at RTSH - 1964

6. If you ask me - RTSH II Song Festival - 1963

7. Song of the Engineer - 1st RTSH Song Festival - 1962

8. Operetta "Light and song"./ CNA

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