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Ismail Kadare and doctor Polikroni

2024-01-28 20:13:00, Kulturë Mitro Çela
Ismail Kadare and doctor Polikroni
Mitro Cela

- Today Kadare turned 88 years old. -

Year 1973. Journalist. I climbed the stairs of the "Dajti" hotel.

Ismail Kadareja invited me for coffee.

- My daughter is sick. - Ismaili started the conversation. - Besjana.

High temperature.


Helena came around the house.

I went to look for a doctor.

Through the stairs I met Drîtreno. We live in a building.

- I have solved it. - Drîtreoi told me. - When the daughter, the wife, gets sick, Sadia grabs the phone...

Hello! Doctor Polichroni...

And the doctor knocks on the door.

Let's go and see the doctor and your Helena will calm down like my Sadija...

We are lucky to have the doctor as a neighbor.

- From that day... one hello is enough... and the illnesses for the girls, Gresa and Besiana, go away as if by magic - Kafareja finished the conversation. -

In 1992,

I met Kadare in Paris.

We had gone to make an agreement between "Le Figaro" and "RD".

Ismail asked me:

- How do I have a doctor? Even though the girls have grown up, they don't forget uncle Polikron!

Not infrequently, I have thought:

- Is Doctor Polikroni a Kadare, the Doctor of medicine?

From 17 years old to 86 years old, he has visited thousands and thousands of children with a stethoscope in hand.

Not only in Tirana, but also in Përmet, Korçë, Kujës, Tropoja. Everywhere. Children came from Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Like the books of the Writers, the Doctor has left his mark everywhere with his advice.

He has been speaking on Tirana radio for 50 years.

He has published 11 books "Mother and Child" and one book "Father and Child".

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