Today is the 78th anniversary of the great master from Shkodra/ The roles and successes of Zyliha Milot

2024-01-11 11:12:00, Kulturë CNA
Today is the 78th anniversary of the great master from Shkodra/ The roles and
Zyliha Miloti

The Grand Master, Zyliha Miloti, has her birthday today and turns 78 years old. Miloti is known by everyone as a great artist. 

Who is Zyliha Miloti? 

She was born on January 11, 1946, in Shkodra. She graduated from the "Jordan Misja" high school in 1965. In 1967 and following, she appeared as one of the most successful actresses of the Professional Estrada of the city of Shkodra. He holds the title "Great Master".

Before turning 14, when she was in the 7th grade, she appeared for the first time in front of the public as a very talented young singer. The first roles were dramatic and as a comedy actress she started at the age of 20 in the professional stage of the city of Shkodra near the "Migjeni" theater.

The gallery of characters she created and her experience made her remain one of the prominent actresses on the Albanian comedy scene.

About 60 years of artistic career in the Estrada Theater and during these years he has performed more than 260 premieres. In each premiere her roles have stood out for excellent performance and have been accomplished. In addition to these, she has participated in the drama theater and in a large number of films of the cinema studio "New Albania" and those after the 90s.

All her life, without leaving this stage for a single day, and since 1967, she has performed lively in the performances planned at that time in the countryside, the highlands and throughout Albania.

Zyliha Miloti had the great fortune of working with a constellation of great artists, directors and writers in the professional stage of the city of Shkodra near the theater "Migjeni". She found a group of unattainable actors.

It was the late director, Paulin Sekuj, who worked for a long time with Zylin, then other great directors followed, such as: Serafin Fanko, Edmond Mhilli, Zehrudin Dokle, Arjan Çuliq, Stefan Çapaliku, Gjergj Vlashi, Haxhi Rama, Fatbardh Smaja, Bruno Shllaku, etc., as well as the writers Fadil Kraja, Kolec Pepa, Paulin Selimi and others.

One never forgets the inexhaustible author of the source of this literary material, the humorist writer, the late Paulin Selimi, the cycle of parodies with Gjosho Vasina, or the outstanding couplets and parodies with the actor, the prominent humorist Zef Deda.

As the "Migjeni Theater" in Shkodër describes, Zyliha Miloti has always been very energetic in the roles that she has performed with such confidence and magnificence, not only in pop, but also in drama and comedy, without forgetting her participation in films , operetta, etc. She continues to be active even today on the theater stage.

Zyliha has been awarded several prizes, titles and awards. Merited Artist, "Woman of the year 2000-2001" by the Institute of Biographies in Cambridge, England, being chosen among 2000 world personalities. He received awards at the "Humor Days", then the "Naim Frashëri i Artë" award with the motivation "For outstanding contribution to stage art and high-level interpretation in the genre of humor": "Great Master", decorated by the President of Republic./CNA 

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